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Diamond Learners

Reagan demonstrated great listening skills during zumba, focussing his attention well and giving all the actions a try.
Marshall showed fantastic perseverance to gain his diamond. He created a lego house, returning to improve his building, share the pieces with others and continued even when he found it a little tricky.
Noah was really proud of his diamond for being a super story teller. He created a storyboard of 'The Three Little Pigs' and added captions and speech bubbles to improve his work.

Theo and Mason were both really excited about becoming Diamond Learners during Zumba. They remained focused throughout the entire lesson and demonstrated some fantastic dance moves during the routines they have learnt.

Joel worked hard to achieve his diamond. He was focused and listened very carefully during his Zumba lesson. He was also super excited to hold the real diamond!





Harry is a diamond learner for his fantastic listening skills during Zumba.

Harvey and Kaylin were diamond learners for their fantastic presentation and determination in maths. At the beginning they found division quite tricky but their hard work paid off as they both answered the calculations perfectly! Well done! 

Mollie-May and Olivia received diamond learners for their fantastic maths work! 

They showed great determination to secure their skill of adding numbers using a number line. 

Well done girls!