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Welcome to the Emerald class page!

In Emerald class we are always busy learning and helping each other. We have had a fantastic start to the year. Come and see what we have been learning about!


Emerald Class 2017-2018

Miss Crack


Emerald Class will have dance and PE on Mondays. Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school. They will need trainers for outdoor PE.

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We have had a busy start to 2018 in Emerald Class. We absolutely love our new topic 'The Great Fire of London' and have already learnt so much about this part of history.


In English we have been reading Toby and the Great Fire of London. We have written diaries by imagining what life was like during the fire. We have also written reports which include a lot of really interesting facts!


In maths we have been improving our methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In Year 2 we have also learnt about data handling and fractions.


Our science topic this term is all about animals and humans. We have been learning how to keep ourselves healthy by eating a balanced diet and doing lots of exercise. We have also done a really egg-citing egg-speriment to see which liquids are bad for our teeth. We put hard boiled eggs into different drinks to see what happened to the enamel on the egg shells. We found out that cola and orange juice were not very good for our teeth and that tea stains the teeth.


Autumn Term


 What an exciting start to term we have had in Emerald Class! The children in Emerald Class have been busy getting to know each other, their new classroom and their new teacher.


This week in Maths we have started to look at place value and counting. The children in year 1 have been ordering numbers and making them, while the children in year 2 have been busy making 2 digit numbers and representing them.


In English we have started to read "The Lonely Beast". The children have been amazing at inferring from the pictures in the book! That's even before the book has been read. Since finishing the story, the children have been planning an alternate version of the story and are ready to start writing.


We have also started Science this week and are looking at materials. We have been able to identify different materials so far and talk about their uses.





A very exciting week at Winhills! The children have finished exploring 'The Princess and the White Bear King' in English and they have developed their use of shape in Maths. We also were privileged to visit the local Tesco St Neots and explore the store!


Spring 2017:

Year 1/2 have come back into school enthusiastic and ready to learn! We are beginning to learn how to tell the time in Maths. In English, we are beginning to look at a new book and have already been predicting what will happen and we have started asking questions about the story. The children continue to develop their writing skills to include more detailed vocabulary and punctuation. In science we are beginning a new topic about plants. The children have been outside to look at the different wildlife this week and have thoroughly enjoyed it!



Castles Day!

What an amazing way to start off the new term! On Monday 9th January all of Key Stage One warmly welcomed in History Off the Page to launch our new topic of castles. The children loved it and spent the morning working hard in the castle completing all sorts of jobs. In the afternoon, the children had a feast. Some children trained as jesters and dancers to entertain the nobles.

Christmas Big Bake and winter walks!

It’s nearly Christmas! The year one children have been learning all about the bar model in Maths to represent their number bonds to 10. In English, the children have continued to write their space stories thinking carefully about what descriptive words they can use. The children have also started getting into the festive spirit by making Christmas decorations to decorate the school.

The year two children have been getting Christmassy in the last two weeks. They too have made decorations and they have been decorating the school. In Maths, the children have learnt all about multiplication and division and they have developed a written method for both. In English, they have also continued to write their space stories.


In year One, the children continue to be busy learners! They have explored some more place value and addition and subtraction in Maths. The children have been using numicon to support their learning with visual representations. In English, the children have been planning their own space themed stories. They have already written the introduction and we are all excited to see where our writing takes us!

n year Two, the children have been exploring data handling. They have enjoyed lots of outside learning where they have all collected leaves to create a tally chart and then they displayed their data in pictograms and bar chart. The children have also planned their own space stories with more detail to include expanded noun phrases, commas and time connectives. In Science, the children have been learning all about recycling.


The year 1 children have come back eager to learn after half term! In the past two weeks, the children have been learning about the properties of 2D shape in Mathematics and they have recapped their understanding of place value again. The children can all confidently count, order and find missing numbers in sequences to 20 and beyond. In English, the children have impressed their teachers with their wonderful adjectives to describe the moon and their very own aliens. The children continue to develop their writing skills to include more detailed vocabulary and punctuation. In Science, the children have explored different properties of materials.


After half term, the children have developed their knowledge of measures in their Mathematics lessons. The children have enjoyed their outside learning opportunities where they measured and ordered the lengths of sticks and explored if the tallest box was always the heaviest. In English, the children have developed their descriptive writing to include expanded noun phrases. The children have continued to develop their use of commas to include even more fantastic vocabulary in their writing. In Science, the children have enjoyed exploring different properties such as absorbency and water resistance.


Another quick update from Key Stage One. The children have been really busy in Maths learning all about subtraction. They have used lots of resources including counters, dienes and numicon.


In English, the children have been developing their descriptive writing of the sun and the moon to include noun phrase.


The children are nearly halfway through their ICE zone topic: Great Great Britain! The children have continued to explore the map of Great Britain and identify the characteristics of the local areas. During their outside learning, the children are exploring the colours and sounds of Autumn and they are starting to keep a weather and seasons diary.



In year 1, the children continue to work extremely hard towards their learning! In Maths, the children have been learning about addition and subtraction. They have been using lots of counters, cubes, numicon and bead strings to help them count on and backwards from a number. In English, the children have been learning how to write a character description about Bob; the man who works on the moon. The children used lots of fantastic adjectives to describe what Bob looks like and what his personality is like.


The year 2 children have been working extremely hard in the classroom and in the ICE zone. In Maths, the children have been learning all about addition. The children have been adding one digit numbers, two digit numbers and tens and two digit number with other two digit numbers. A very busy two weeks in Maths! The children are starting to show their understanding using a numberline. In English, the children have started to explore Bob; the man who works on the moon. They have described his appearance and his personality in detail using commas to separate a list of adjectives. The children have also continued to explore the properties of materials.



They have explored place value in Maths. The children have been learning to count backwards, forwards and in twos! In English, the children have been writing sentences about space and impressing their teachers with their use of full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. The children continue to develop their letter formation using the read, write, inc rhymes. In phonics, the children are exploring the letters and sounds phases and are already showing us their wonderful sound knowledge. All of the children have settled in wonderfully and are getting to know the Key Stage One area excellently.


In year 2, the children have started off the year exploring place value in Maths. They are able to read, write and build two digit numbers and they have used lots of visual and practical resources to develop their understanding of number. In English, the children have been developing their knowledge of non-fiction texts so they can write their own non-chronological reports. The children have already started to research lots of information from books, the internet and lots of pictures.


A busy start to the academic year! The children have been busy painting, creating, inventing and inspiring!  The children have spent the first week getting to know their friends and all of the adults that are working with them. All children in year 1 and 2 have PE on a Tuesday. Also, if anyone has a spare shirt that the children could wear as a painting apron that would be great!


Another busy two weeks! The children have celebrated World Book Day by wearing their pyjamas for a bedtime story. They have also had a visit from St Neots fire station to teach us all about fire safety.


After a lovely half term, the children have returned eager and ready to learn! The children have started a new topic in English looking at Julia Donaldson with a focus on her book, Zog. The children have read a whole range of books from her collection and analysed her style of writing ready to write their own sequel to Zog. In Maths, the children have learnt about time and fractions. The children have thoroughly enjoyed using the clocks to test each other on o'clock, quarter past, quarter to and half past. We then moved our learning onto money and enjoyed finding out how much Miss Larbey's food shopping cost!


The children have been very busy in the past two weeks! In Maths we have explored measuring. The children have estimated in grams and kilograms and then practised their measuring skills by weighing out ingredients. In English the children have started learning about poetry. They have explored rhyming, alliterations and syllabic pattern. The children have used these new skills to write their own poems. In the ICE zone the children have continued to develop their skills and learning about the Great Fire of London. The creative writing has been fantastic and we are excited to finish our Stuart houses.



In Miss Larbey's class the children have been extremely busy! In Maths they have learnt how to add using a number line and applied our learning to counting money. The children set up their own shop and we able to find totals and find change. In English, the children have started their topics of non-chronological reports. They have identified non-fiction texts, gathered information and written an introduction! The children in Emerald class have also started their new topic about materials where they have learnt about the different types of materials and their uses.


2016 already! The children have returned to school with fabulous stories of their Christmas celebrations! We have sprung into action already this term and launched our new topic; The Great Fire of London. In Emerald class we researched how the fire started and who Samuel Pepys was. We have also had a History Off the Page day to generate lots of information and further questions that the children want to research in the ICE zones!


Wow! What a busy two weeks! The children have been learning about multiplication in Maths and persuasive writing in English. They have also been working extremely hard in the ICE zone to find lots of interesting information about our three explorers: Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus and Mary Anning. The children have been accessing their learning in lots of creative ways including outside learning, using iPads to record their work and they have been using lots of practical resources in the classroom. A super two weeks!


In Miss Larbey’s English lessons the children are starting a new topic about adverts. They are exploring the key features of adverts and what information an advert needs to have. All of the children have enjoyed writing about the fireworks they have seen or the firework videos they watched in their classes. They have used a range of fabulous adjectives and descriptive sentences. In Year 1, the children have learnt about shape. They have explored the properties of shape and they have even been outside to discover different shapes. In Year 2, the children have started learning about subtraction. Using physical equipment, the children were able to start using number lines.


During the English lessons with Miss Larbey, the children have explored the story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. The children have adapted the story to create their own story where an animal comes over and eats all of the food! They have also been learning how to use speech punctuation. The children in Emerald, Sunstone and Amber class have learnt about measures recently. They have use rulers and metre sticks to measure length and they have used scales to measure weight. After exploring the life cycle of a human, they learnt about a life cycle of a frog and a butterfly. The children have been using fantastic vocabulary to describe each stage of the life cycles, especially the life cycle of a butterfly where they were able to relate their learning to the story, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.


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Another busy two weeks! The children have been extremely busy with their Read Write Inc lessons and their English lessons. They have continued to work hard learning their speedy sounds and they have focussed on their writing and reading comprehension. During the SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) lessons, the children have been exploring nouns and adjectives ready to further develop their writing! In the ICE zone, many children are taking opportunities to write fantastic space themed stories, diary entries from the Santa Maria and writing lists of what to pack to explore different countries. Not only have they been busy with their writing, Emerald class have also been busy in Maths! The children have explored counting and recognising amounts effectively. They have been able to estimate how many items in pots and check their estimations by counting them.



The children have had a superb start to the new school year. They have had two wonderful creative weeks to get to know each other and their new class teacher; Miss Larbey. Emerald class have been extremely creative making robots, their own emerald and they have even begun learning about their 'Exciting Explorers' topic. It has been fascinating learning about Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong and Mary Anning. We can't wait to learn more about these exciting explorers in the ICE zone.