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Miss Brock

Sunstone Class will have dance and PE on Mondays. Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school.

Autumn Term

Sunstone Class have been continuously busy this term. Each week is kicked off by an action packed Monday where the children have the chance to refine and learn new dance skills in their dance lessons. Then the children are on to learning to improve their basic skills in PE.


During English the children received a letter from the Lonely Beast. He asked which material he needed to use to create a book shelf. The children have been learning the key features of letter writing, in order to write their own letters back to the Beast informing him of the best material.


In Maths these past few weeks Sunstone Class have moved on to addition and subtraction. The Year One children have been focusing on their number bonds to and within 10 and 20. The Year Two children have moved on to adding one digit and two digit numbers. As well as starting to add numbers using a number line.


We are looking into Materials in Science. The children have learnt to identify different materials, their properties, their uses and whether or not they are man made or natural.

In the ICE Zone the children have been learning a wide range skills and knowledge. They have been able to mix primary colours to create secondary colours. They have also been venturing outside to find and discover Autumnal changes, of which they have found many so far.

Material Sorting

Material Sorting 1
Material Sorting 2
Material Sorting 3

ICE Zone Learning

ICE Zone Learning 1
ICE Zone Learning 2
ICE Zone Learning 3
ICE Zone Learning 4




We have already been back at school for two whole weeks now. The children in Sunstone Class have been busy getting to know each other, their new classroom and their new teacher.


This week in Maths we have started t look at place value and counting. The children in year 1 have been ordering numbers and making them, while the children in year 2 have been busy making 2 digit numbers and representing them.


In English we have started to read "The Lonely Beast". The children have been amazing at inferring from the pictures in the book! That's even before the book has been read.


We have also started Science this week and are looking t materials. We have been able to identify different materials so far and talk about their uses.



Busy Learning

Busy Learning  1 representing numbers
Busy Learning  2 ordering numbers
Busy Learning  3 ordering numbers
Busy Learning  4 representing numbers
Busy Learning  5 building rockets
Busy Learning  6 team work
Busy Learning  7 story mapping
Busy Learning  8 team work
Busy Learning  9 reading den
Busy Learning  10 key words
Busy Learning  11 key words
Busy Learning  12 key words
Busy Learning  13 ordering teen numbers
Busy Learning  14 ordering numbers





















































































Welcome to the Summer Term.


In the ICE zone the children are learning all about Africa. There is a 'Safari Hospital', a hot air balloon to go 'Up Up and Away' in and the children are particularly enjoying designing and making African musical instruments.


The children are continuing the read One Day on Our Blue Planet in the Savannah and are learning lots about lions to be able to write a fact file. This includes researching non-fiction texts and watching and listening to videos to be able to write their key facts.

In Maths, Year 1 children have enjoyed learning about the symbols for more than and less than as well as ordering numbers.

Year 2 children are refining their addition and subtraction skills using Diennes and partitioning methods.


The children have also enjoyed their Indian Drumming sessions with Mrs Suali.


Well done to the children who participated in the year 2 cricket tournament and won! We look forward to hearing about how you get on next week in the finals.


We have had a fantastic summer term and the children have worked very hard. They have created some wonderful Tinga Tinga masterpieces in art, weighed animals, flown over different landscapes in the Up Up and Away hot air balloon, measured capacity outside in the water tray and visited the new chickens. Some children have been lucky enough to take an egg home and have shared what they did with it, from baking cookies, having scrambled egg and creating a fantastic design on the shell. 


The children have worked very hard on developing their reading and writing skills, practicing their handwriting and spelling of the common exception words. Many children have achieved their bronze award for their multiplication tables.

Sunstone class

In English, Year 1/2 have been learning about adjectives and character descriptions through a story called 'The Princess and the White Bear King'. In Maths, Year 1/2 are learning about place value and shape. In Science, we are discovering all about the lifecycle of plants and naming parts of a plant.

History Off the Page - Castles Workshop

On Monday, January 9th, Year 1 and 2 travelled back in time to find out about castles from long ago.  In the morning, we were able to make many interesting things. We made some medicine using different herbs and spices. We also made clay pot candles, soap and ink to use with a quill pen.  We learned lots of interesting facts about castles and life within the castle walls. In the afternoon, we had a Medieval banquet. We were entertained by jesters, jugglers and dancers.  We had a fantastic day and learned a lot about castle life long ago. 

This week had an anti-bullying focus, so we have been learning about how to make a potion for a good friendship. We also had fun making some paper dolls, which will be joined up as a chain around the whole school, this was also in support of anti-bullying week. The children enjoyed writing positive post it notes to put on our 'Power for Good' poster most of all!
We have also had our very first play rehearsal, it was great to see all of the children fully prepared with there scripts and singing the songs so well already.

Sunstone Class Paper Dolls

Sunstone Class Paper Dolls 1
Sunstone Class Paper Dolls 2
Sunstone Class Paper Dolls 3
Sunstone Class Paper Dolls 4
Sunstone Class Paper Dolls 5
Sunstone Class Paper Dolls 6
Sunstone Class Paper Dolls 7
Sunstone Class Paper Dolls 8
Sunstone Class Paper Dolls 9


Well, October is upon us, and we have been busy printing in the style of William Caxton, and booking our Great Great Britain holidays in our ICE Zone travel agents! We have also made some brilliant 3D models of famous landmarks and they make an amazing display! The children have been busy painting, creating, inventing and inspiring, not to mention our Indian Drumming classes and our materials treasure hunt!
We have also been writing some great questions, it was lovely to hear them asking each other about their favourite films, what they like best to eat, and their favourite sports!
The children in year 1 and 2 have PE on a Tuesday. Also, a big thank you to those of you who have donated a spare shirt (or a bundle os shirts!) that the children could wear as a painting apron, they have been so useful, thank you very much. 

Some of Sunstone Class's work so far...

Sunstone class are proud of our ball skills and coordination!

Sunstone class are proud of our ball skills and coordination! 1
Sunstone class are proud of our ball skills and coordination! 2
Sunstone class are proud of our ball skills and coordination! 3
Sunstone class are proud of our ball skills and coordination! 4
Sunstone class are proud of our ball skills and coordination! 5
Sunstone class are proud of our ball skills and coordination! 6


Sunstone have had another fabulous week full of learning, creativity, dance and movement. In Maths students have been carrying on learning about money and counting money (a very useful skill for all our budding entrepreneurs!) Students have also been studying number problems and writing their own number sentences being ambitious and accurate as they go. In Science we have had a wonderful week making coil pots out of salt dough, which was great fun and very messy! We learnt that dough can be changed through mixing and coiling. The dough was baked in a warm oven at 120 degrees for over 4 hours during which time it changed from a soft dough into solid forms due to the chemical reaction cause by the heat of the oven. We will paint our pots next week. In SPAG we have learnt our spellings and studied the use of the progressive form of verbs in the past and present tense. In P.E we continue our ball skills games and worked together on our skills and co-ordination. All in all a very exciting and happy week for us all in Sunstone class.

Salt dough coil pots for Science

Science experiment to discover which everyday materials are waterproof (or not!!)

Spring term in Sunstone class!

Spring term in Sunstone class! 1
Spring term in Sunstone class! 2
Spring term in Sunstone class! 3
Spring term in Sunstone class! 4
Spring term in Sunstone class! 5
Spring term in Sunstone class! 6
Spring term in Sunstone class! 7
Spring term in Sunstone class! 8
Spring term in Sunstone class! 9
Spring term in Sunstone class! 10
Spring term in Sunstone class! 11
Spring term in Sunstone class! 12
Spring term in Sunstone class! 13
Spring term in Sunstone class! 14
Spring term in Sunstone class! 15
Spring term in Sunstone class! 16
Spring term in Sunstone class! 17
Spring term in Sunstone class! 18
Spring term in Sunstone class! 19
Spring term in Sunstone class! 20
Spring term in Sunstone class! 21
Spring term in Sunstone class! 22
Spring term in Sunstone class! 23
Spring term in Sunstone class! 24
Spring term in Sunstone class! 25
Spring term in Sunstone class! 26
Spring term in Sunstone class! 27
Spring term in Sunstone class! 28
Spring term in Sunstone class! 29
Spring term in Sunstone class! 30
Spring term in Sunstone class! 31
Spring term in Sunstone class! 32
Spring term in Sunstone class! 33
Spring term in Sunstone class! 34
Spring term in Sunstone class! 35

Happy February to our Sunstone family!


We have had a wonderful start to the Spring term at Winhills and the children have been working really hard in all their lessons and have been enjoying our Great Fire of London project. In our different Maths classes children have been studying hard and learning lots of new skills to help them become outstanding Mathematicians! The teachers are very proud of all the students’ efforts. Our lovely students continue following the Read, Write, Inc syllabus and are all developing their reading skills and phonics knowledge well. Our students have been learning about punctuation, adjectives, nouns, and extended noun phrases in spelling and grammar lessons. We are excellent little spellers in Sunstone class and love our morning ‘SPAG’ class to start our day of learning in a challenging and positive manner. In Science we have been studying Materials and the children have been learning where different materials come from and manufacturing processes different materials go through. This week we were finger knitting with yarn having learnt about where wool comes from and the process it goes through from sheep shearing to yarn for our jumpers! In P.E we are working on our co-ordination and ball skills. The children have been working independently and in teams in some class competitions. We had a lesson on cup stacking, did some tennis skills and also did a carousel of activities in the hall last week using cones, beanbags and soft balls. Students also created their own routines using the sports equipment to present to the class, building confidence and showing off their fantastic skills.


Miss Christian has had a fabulous time working with Mrs Goodwin and has enjoyed working with all the Sunstone children and their families.

Welcome to Sunstone class!

In Sunstone class, the children are always busy learning and being fabulous peers. On this page you will see updates of our wonderful learning from the class and from the ICE zone. Keep checking for new posts and pictures!

Week commencing 23rd November 2015:

In their Read, Write, Inc lessons the children have continued to apply their phonics to their reading and their writing. The children have been working exceptionally hard on Friday’s to complete a Big Write based on the book they have been reading in their RWI sessions. In Miss Brock’s and Mrs Goodwin’s classes the children have been learning about subtraction. They have enjoyed using practical equipment to solve subtraction problems.

Week commencing 9th November 2015

All of the children have enjoyed writing about the fireworks they have seen or the firework videos they watched in their classes. They have used a range of fabulous adjectives and descriptive sentences. In their Read, Write, Inc lessons the children have continued to apply their phonics to their reading and their writing. In Year 1, the children have learnt about shape. They have explored the properties of shape and they have even been outside to discover different shapes. After exploring the life cycle of a human, they learnt about a life cycle of a frog and a butterfly. The children have then learnt how to care for animals and what all animals need in order to survive.


Week commencing 12th October 2015:

During the English lessons with Miss Larbey, the children have explored the story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. The children have adapted the story to create their own story where an animal comes over and eats all of the food! They have also been learning how to use speech punctuation. In Maths the children have use rulers and metre sticks to measure length and they have used scales to measure weight. In Science, the children have learnt about a life cycle of a frog and a butterfly. The children have been using fantastic vocabulary to describe each stage of the life cycles, especially the life cycle of a butterfly where they were able to relate their learning to the story, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

Week commencing 28th September 2015:

The children have been extremely busy with their Read Write Inc lessons and their English lessons. They have continued to work hard learning their speedy sounds and they have focussed on their writing and reading comprehension. During the SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) lessons, the children have been exploring nouns and adjectives ready to further develop their writing! Year 1 and 2 have been learning all about place value these past two weeks. They have been impressing their teachers with their recognition and writing of numbers. The children have also started their Science topic for this term; Animals. They have explored the life cycle of a human.  

Week commencing 14th September 2015:

Sunstone class have been busy learning new routines, songs and some sign language! We have been learning about the lives of Christopher Columbus, Mary Anning and Neil Armstrong as part of our 'exciting explorers' topic. We became explorers ourselves by searching the playing field and digging for fossils. Sunstone class have also been doing some observational drawings of their friends and describing them with super adjectives. The Queens amazing reign was celebrated at our year 1/2 tea party, complete with crowns, bunting and cupcakes