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Topaz Reception

Spring Term 2018

We are really excited about our new topic 'Homes and Houses'. We will start the term by learning an abundance of new vocabulary: we will practise this in the role play area which will be an estate agents. We will be out and about in the local area looking at the different types of houses and buildings we see everyday on the way to  school. We will revisit one of our favourite fairytales 'The Three Little Pigs'  and use our amazing imaginations to innovate our own versions. We will be investigating the properties of different building materials by asking questions and finding our own answers. Later in the term we will apply this knowledge to building bug hotels for the spinney.  In maths we are going to develop our understanding of addition and subtraction answering questions such as 'How many are left?' and 'How many do you have altogether?'




Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Autumn 2017

Welcome to Topaz class. This term our theme is 'ourselves'. We will be learning all about our new friends, talking about our families and things that are special to us as well as how to keep ourselves healthy and strong. Please take the time to read our curriculum letter which outlines the terms learning in more detail.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We have settled into the term with the fabulous 'Supertato' series by Sue Hendra. The children have dressed as superheroes and thought of ways to help their friends. They have used tweezers to pick up peas which has given them super strong fingers, ready for writing. The children enjoyed potato printing their own Supertato; carefully drawing masks and capes.
Picture 1 Oliver painted a plane; this was he fifth attempt!
Picture 2 This potato print is really super!
Picture 3 We looked really closely at our eyes
Picture 4
Picture 5 We learnt that our fingerprints are different.
Picture 6 Evie labelled her picture with the initial sounds.
Picture 7 We drew ourselves.
Picture 8 We learnt to hear, read and write the /m/ sound
Picture 1

Summer 2017

Welcome to summer term of Reception, we are really looking forward to learning around our main theme of 'Journeys'. The children will be focussing on journeys of all different types - in a plane or rocket, on foot,  by train, boat or car - and to lots of different places. As well as this, we will be enjoying the outside environment as the weather is getting warmer, by digging and planting, bug hunting and bird watching, and looking at and explaining all the differences in the environment as the seasons change; including life cycles by hatching our own tadpoles and butterflies.

In maths we will be learning about doubling, halving and sharing in practical contexts as well as securing our existing mathematical knowledge of counting, addition, subtraction, shape and using mathematical language. We will continue learning new sounds, and practising our segmenting and blending, as well as becoming more confident with our word walls. We will develop our writing through increasing confidence and independence, allowing us to write some super sentences. We will also continue our shared writing through exploring different books, creating story maps, writing about them, acting them out and creating our own versions.


Expressive Art and Design

Physical Development

Spring Term 2017


Welcome to the Spring Term. the children are growing in independence, skill set and knowledge. To reflect this our topic of 'Homes' aims to develop the children's knowledge and understanding of the world around them. The children  will take a tour of their local environment to learn about the different types of houses and will be visited by an Estate Agent. They will investigate materials and learn how to sort and describe them; they will observe similarities and differences as well as changes over time. The children will continue to develop their skills with the much loved variety of construction kits by planning and building more amazing structures! 

Expressive Arts and Design

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Autumn Term 2016


We welcome a new academic year with a fabulous new class of children. This term we learn all about 'Ourselves'. We will learn about our bodies and investigate our senses. We will talk about our favourite things and our families, celebrating the ways we are different. We will continue to develop our phonics and early maths skills, focusing on ordering numbers and addition. We will be sharing superhero books and talking about our special powers and talents!

This term we are continuing our journey towards our early learning goals and beyond. Use the link below to 'Development Matters' to see how you can support your child to fulfil their potential. Remember you can add to your child's learning journal; just send us a photograph or share your proudest moments with us.

Welcome to the summer term! This term we are learning about journeys.  We will plan and take more walks around the local area; preparing picnics and learning more about road safety. Our shared writing will focus on adventure texts which will develop our skill of story mapping.  We will follow tadpoles and caterpillars on their journey to becoming frogs and butterflies. We will share stories of our holidays and favourite places to visit as well as reviewing what Biskit has been up to over the past year. A very busy time ahead as we prepare for the next step to our journey at Winhills.

Physical Development

Knowledge and understanding of the world

We are very excited to start our Spring Term 2016. This term we are learning under the theme of 'Homes'. We will be walking in our local area to identify features of our own environment and compare those to homes in other countries. We will continue to expand our knowledge by looking at the homes of different animals. We will develop our reading skills, blending those sounds we have learnt and increasing our sight vocabulary. We will role play in an estate agents and quiz real estate agents that come into visit! So much to look forward to!

Picture 1

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Autumn Term 2015 and our theme is 'Ourselves'. This term we are learning all about our bodies, our feelings, the people who help us, our community and our environment. We will begin Read, Write Inc and develop our knowledge of number and counting.
Early Years practitioners at Winhills Primary Academy follow the 'Development Matters' document to inform their planning, teaching and assessing.