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Welcome to Amber Class


Mrs Willison

Summer term home learning.

Your new homework grids will be put on here every fortnight. There will be 20 activities on each grid for you to complete, aim for 2 each day as well as numbots and reading. Make sure you are still staying at home safe,  helping your grown ups and staying healthy and active (PE with Joe at 9am everyday!).


Make sure you log in to our Class Dojo page to see the rest of the work, ask any questions and share what you have been doing too.


Each Monday and Thursday there will be new homework grids for you to give you some ideas of things to keep you learning and busy while you are at home. If you haven't finished the first ones, don't worry, and if you don't have time to do every single activity, that is OK too! The most important thing is you are at home safe, you are helping your grown ups, and you are making sure you are staying healthy and active (PE with Joe at 9am everyday!).

There are many activities you can do at home that you might not get the chance to always do (baking/cooking, painting a picture, doing a puzzle, playing a game, etc) and it is really important you get the chance to do all of these things. 


Make sure you log in to our Class Dojo page to see the rest of the work and share what you have been doing too.

Spring Term

Welcome to the spring term! This term our topic in the ICE zone is 'Eager Explorers!'. We will still have PE on Thursdays, please make sure your child has a named PE kit suitable for outside, as well as earrings removed. We like to learn outside as much as possible so please also ensure your child has a coat (and hat and gloves), wellies and a water bottle in school every day. 

The ICE Zone

This term our topic is 'Eager Explorers' we will learn about what an explorer is and what they do. We will focus on five main explorers who have all explored different areas of the world and space too. They are Christopher Columbus, Robert Falcon Scott, Amelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong and Sir Ranulph Fiennes. The children will learn about their journeys, what they discovered and what equipment they took with them. They will then begin to make comparisons of them and learn about how exploration is moving forward in the world we live in today.


This term in maths we are focusing on shape, measure and position before moving onto fractions. The children will learn to name, describe and sort 2D and 3D shapes, as well as create patterns involving these. They will use rulers to accurately measure objects and use their knowledge to begin to estimate these first too. They will also learn  the words clockwise and anti-clockwise to give each other directions. 


We are reading books written by Quentin Blake. We have started by reading 'Mrs Armitage on Wheels'. We started by looking at the front cover and asking questions about what we'd like to find out about the books. We have loved learning about the different things Mrs Armitage added to her bike and writing sentences using conjunctions to explain why. We have also designed our own bikes and explained what we have used and why.


Our topic for the start of the Spring term is plants, then we will move onto living things and their habitats. We will look closely at the environment of the school and identify what grows around us in the winter, ready to make comparisons as we move into spring and summer. We will learn the names of different trees and flowers around us and learn about how to make plants grow, design our own garden and then plant seeds ready to plant out as the weather warms up. We will learn about the different parts of plants too. We will learn how to identify if something is living or not, then look closely at the different habitats around the school then around the world and discuss similarities and differences. 

Artist of the term

Our artist this term is Vincent Van Gogh. We have learnt about his style of painting and replicated our own version of 'The Poppies', focusing on texture. We will also create our own versions of 'Starry Night', using pastels to re-create brush stroke effects. 

Autumn term

This term our topic in the ICE zone is 'The Great Fire of London'. PE will be on Thursdays, please make sure your child has a PE kit suitable for outside as well as earrings removed. Please also send your child in with a coat, wellies and water bottle every day.


We have been reading the story 'The Adventures of Egg Box Dragon'. Inspired by the story the children have made their own amazing egg box dragons using junk modelling and written instructions about how to make them. They have created story maps to show the story and acted it out using makaton signs and actions. They are looking forward to taking their dragons on their own adventures around the school and writing their own versions of the story too. The children have been focusing on sentences and questions and adding temporal conjunctions and adjectives into their writing. 


The children have begun by focusing on place value in maths.

In Year 1 the children have been consolidating their knowledge of numbers to 20 and exploring different ways to represent them. They have also been learning about comparing these numbers and quantities and using greater than and less than symbols to show their findings.

In Year 2 the children have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones and solving problems involving this, they have also been explaining how they know they are right. They have also been practising their skills when counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. 

The children are moving on to addition and subtraction and will be using these skills to go shopping in the Pudding Lane bakery.


Our science topic this term is materials. The children have been learning about the different materials inside and outside the school. They have explored the properties of materials and learnt the words opaque, translucent and transparent and investigated the different uses for the materials. The children will be using their knowledge of materials to carry out investigations into what materials are best for floating or sinking and testing  the absorbency of different materials. They will then use the results from their experiments to plan and make a boat. 

The ICE Zone

This term our topic in the ICE Zone is 'The Great Fire of London'. The children began learning about this by immersing themselves into life in London in 1666 through a History off the Page day. They thoroughly enjoyed their day as they dressed up and experienced a street scene before having to evacuate for the fire and then excavate shop remains to find out what had happened. They have also been learning about the differences between life in 1666 and life now through artefacts and have made some fantastic observations.  










































Welcome to Amber Class



Hello and welcome to Year 1/2. This year our teacher is Mrs Dickinson. This term, we have PE every Monday.

We love to learn and cannot wait for this year!

Woburn Trip

June 2019



In Year 1 we have been securing our understanding of place value, addition and subtraction.We have been learning new methods to calculate.We have been improving our fluency and number bonds within 10.

In Year 2 the children have been preparing for Year 3 by learning the column method for addition and subtraction.



In Year 1 and Year 2 the children have been writing their own story about an African animal and their adventure in the Savannah. 



In science we have been looking at how we can help plants grow well. We have designed posters to explain that plants need air, water, nutrients, light and warmth in order to help them grow and be healthy.


May  2019


Throughout the last 2 weeks both year 1 and year 2 have been looking at the text One Day On Our Blue Planet in the Savannah. They have been sorting fiction and non-fiction texts, and identifying the difference between facts and opinions. We have been writing factual sentences about African animals. We used our senses to help us imagine what life on the Savannah would be like.  



In Year 1 the children have been working on their fraction knowledge. They have been looking at halves, quarters of amounts and shapes.

In Year 2 the children have been securing their knowledge of calculation methods in preparation for SATs. 


ICE Zone 

The children have been enjoying the new topic of Africa this term.They have explored Ndebele houses and created their own design. In DT the children have designed and created their own African drum. 

March 2019



In English we are focusing on a non-fiction text '10 things I can do to help my world.'

The children have demonstrated some understanding of the ways they can look after our planet already. We have created class posters and have written letters to help others learn how to look after the world. We will be basing our writing around this text for the next few weeks, with writing instructions and information leaflets. 




This week in maths, year 1 have been learning all about measuring length in centimetres. The children have learnt how to use a ruler to measure accurately. They have also begun to compare objects of different lengths and further develop their knowledge of halving and doubling.

In year 2 the children have been using positional and directional language to guide characters through a maze. They have uses vocabulary, such as, whole, half and quarter turns, as well as left, right, clockwise and anti-clockwise.




In science, we have been looking at how we have changed from babies to now. We have also been investigating if height and shoe size correlated, by accurately helping each other to measure these. 


ICE Zone


The children have been busy learning all about the changes from the past to the present.

They have been enjoying learning about past time games during their outdoor learning, including hopscotch, skipping and French skipping. On Wednesday 13th March, we enjoyed a visit from Bosch. The children learned about forces and energy. They had the opportunity to launch rockets. 









Both Year 1 and 2 have been focusing on the second of Traction Man's adventures, 'Traction Man meets Turbodog'. They have inferred from the front cover and made predictions about the story. They have sequenced the events of the story and used actions to retell it. Year 2 have also written a recount. In Exciting Writing, both Year 1 and 2 imagined that they were Scrubbing Brush and wrote a diary in role. Year 2 have also been completing their reading assessments.



Year 1 have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. They have been identifying the properties of the shapes, including lines of symmetry, and have used these to sort them into categories. The children in Year 2 have also been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. They worked together to find multiple lines of symmetry a shape has and used their categories to sort 3D shapes. Both Year 1 and Year 2 have also been completing their arithmetic and reasoning assessments.



We have been looking at parts of the human body. The children can name the basic parts of their body and label these on a diagram. We have also made posters about how to keep their bodies healthy.



We have been busy learning how to interpret graphs and data. The children made their own bar charts from different data. After the bars were made the children thought of questions to ask and answer based on the information presented.



This term we are reading 'Traction Man' by Mini Grey. The children have explored the journey Traction Man. They have also have started to imagine their own journeys and missions for Traction Man to take.



The science topic this term is 'Animals including Humans'. So far the children have classified animals, identified different habitats.



Over the last two weeks, both year 1 and 2 have been looking at non-fiction texts. They have been sorting fiction and non-fiction texts, and identifying the differences between facts and opinions. In Year 1, we have been writing factual sentences about autumn. We used our senses to help us with our writing. The children in Year 2 have been learning about the structure of non-fiction texts and learning the difference between facts and opinions. They will use this in their own writing about castles.


In Year 1 the children have been securing their knowledge and understanding of place value. They have been ordering numbers, making numbers using resources and writing number facts to 10 and 20. In Year 2, the children have been securing their knowledge and understanding of calculation methods. They have also been learning about money and the value of coins. They have been finding different ways to make a total using the coins and calculating how much money is in a given purse.

ICE Zone

This term we welcomed parents into the ICE zone. The children had a great time showing lots of the tasks they have been completing and sharing their learning about castles.

The children are also very excited about our Christmas play ‘Baubles, a tree-mendous nativity’. They have been busy learning the songs and we have started our rehearsals.

ICE Zone Learning



Over the last two weeks, we have used our class text ‘The Princess and the White Bear King’ to write our own stories. In year 2, we have written setting and character descriptions, focusing on using exciting adjectives. We then planned and wrote our stories to think of the adventure our prince or princess would go on and who they would meet on their journey. In Year 1, the children have been retelling the story, then wrote their own journey for the princess.




In Year 1 have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. They have been identifying shapes around the school. They have also been identifying the properties of the shapes and using these to sort them into categories. In Year 2 have been improving their knowledge of multiplication and division. In division, they have been using equipment and drawings to share, before moving on to using a number line. In multiplication, we have been creating groups, then moving onto drawing arrays.



In Science, we have been planning and carrying out an investigation to find out the best waterproof material. We had a selection of different materials and the children worked in small groups to carry out the investigation.



ICE Zone

Year 1 and 2 are continuing to enjoy learning all about castles. They are using their imagination in the role play corner, pretending to be queens, kings and knights. They are then using their imaginative play to write stories. They have also been thinking about how they have changed since they were born. In art, the children have begun to create their own illuminated letters, using patterns and colour.




This week in Maths we have looked at place value and counting. The children in year 1 have been ordering numbers and making them, while the children in year 2 have been busy making 2 digit numbers and representing them.



In English we have started to read "The Princess and The White Bear King". The children have been amazing at inferring from the pictures in the book! That's even before the book has been read.



We have also started Science and are looking at materials. We have been able to identify different materials so far and talk about their uses. The children particularly enjoyed our discussions about what would be a silly material for a chair, a cup and a toilet! They took great delight in explaining why.











































































































The children grew their own plants!


The children have returned from half term ready to learn. 

We have started a new text in English 'The snail and the whale'. So far the children have made predictions, described the characters and retold the story using story maps. The children had lots of questions about whales so we will look at non-fiction texts about whales and then create our own. 

After looking at some non-fiction texts the children learnt about Powerpoint and created their own presentation about their chosen sea animal. 


In maths Year 1 are learning about money. We have identified coins, compared values and added coins. We will then move on to learning about time. 


Year 2 have been focusing on their reasoning skills. We have reasoned about addition, subtraction and place value. We will be continuing to reason over the last few weeks of term. The children will also learn to add and subtract using the column method in preparation for Year 3. 


In science we are continuing to learn about Plants. The children will be planting their own seeds and creating a seed diary making observations about the grown of their plants (see photos above). 

The Royal Wedding picnic. The children made delicious sandwiches and the whole school went onto the field for a picnic to celebrate the royals.


Year 2 have worked extremely hard in preparation for their SATs. They have been extremely focused in their revision and new learning! We are very proud of them! 

Year 1 have been working hard with their phonics in preparation for the phonic screening next month. 


In science we have started learning about plants. We have dissected flowers, named parts of a flower and identified what plants need to survive. 


Year 1 have been revising measurements in maths. We decided to measure and compare items and objects. 

The children are getting in the mood for the seaside topic!


The children are loving reading in the reading corner lately! As the phonic fairy says... 'reading makes you brainy, brainy, brainy'! 

In maths we have been learning how to half and double a number and find quarter of a number. 

In science we have started learning about different habitats and which animals might live there and why. 


In English we have started another new set of stories by Quentin Blake; Mrs Amitage. The children have loved these stories and have written stories, descriptions and compared the texts. 


The children have designed, made and evaluated their amazing Tudor houses.

Charity fun run!


We have started a new text in English 'The Robot and the Bluebird'. The children will be writing stories, descriptions, comparisons and retelling the story. The children have acted out the beginning of the story where they were pretending to be the broken robot and the robot who was trying to fix him. The children used great vocabulary to describe how they felt. 


In Maths Year 2 have been sorting 3D shapes. We have learnt the names of the shapes and their properties including; faces, verticies and edges. 

Year 1 have started learning measuring. We started by measuring things around the classroom with our hands, then we used rulers and metre sticks to measure larger things, including each other! 


We have linked science to our exciting writing. We decided to make bird food and hang them on the trees in our field for the birds and animals. We then wrote great instructions in exciting writing. It was very messy and the children loved it (see pictures above)! 



Year 2 have started learning about symmetry in Maths. They have begun by folding shapes in half making sure each side is equal. 


In science the children have been learning about different animals such as; mammals, fish, reptiles and insects. 

Year 1 classified animals into different categories. 


During exciting writing the children turned into robots! They had to act like a robot and then robots invaded their books! The children wrote about what their robot was like and what it could do. The children throughly enjoyed being robots and wrote some fantastic descriptions! 



The children have come back to school fresh and ready to learn! 

We have started a new topic in the ICE Zone, The Great Fire of London, which the children are throughly enjoying and eager to learn

In English we have started reading a new book, Toby and the Great Fire of London, which has already inspired some great writing. The children have described Toby and the setting, written a diary entry and asked fantastic, inquisitive questions. Year 1 story mapped ‘Toby and the Great Fire of London’ and then retold the whole story with actions (see video in post below). 

The children then wrote their own fact files using different subheadings. The children used all of the facts they had learnt in the ICE Zone and from History off the Page day to make their fact files fantastic! 

We have also been writing great non-chronological reports and fact files about the Great Fire. We began by researching facts and organising them into different groups for our sub headings and paragraphs. We then wrote our own fact files to create our own non-fiction book. 



In maths Year 2 have learnt about data handling and statistic in which they have created their own pictograms, bar charts and answered questions. We have been learning fractions and practically found half and quarters of different amounts. 



Year 1 have been further learning place value and addition and subtraction. Year 1 are now learning how to multiply and divide. The children loved sharing the cubes between teddy bears. 

They have worked very hard to master multiplication and division as they can answer a mixture of the calculations by drawing pictorial representations. 


In science we have started learning about humans including animals. Year 1 have had to identify and label parts of the human body and Year 2 had to identify and explain how to keep our bodies healthy and why it is important. We learnt about our teeth and why it is important to keep them healthy. We are currently completing an experiment with eggs and different drinks to see what will happen to the egg when left in the drinks. 

Year 1 retelling ‘Toby and the Great Fire of London’

Still image for this video
The children created their own story maps and together we retold the story adding actions. They did a fantastic job!


The children have been extremely busy this month! All the children were fantastic in the play Mary’s knitting and they all worked very hard to learn their lines, songs and actions. 

Year 2 have been busy learning in maths focussing on multiplication and division. They have been perfecting their workings in arithmetic and are now applying their addition and subtraction to solving problems involving money. 

Year 1 have been learning how to add and subtract using pictorial representations and have learnt to solve missing number problems. 

In English Year 2 have written a diary entry in the character of sprout boy, written a setting description and a character description using the stimulus Mogs Christmas advert and they have also written great letters to Santa! 

Year 1 watched the Christmas advert of Kevin the carrot and completed some fantastic writing! They designed their own carrots and took them on their own Christmas journey. 




ICE Zone learning

November 2017

In English we have started learning about non-chronological reports. The children have identified the features of a non-chronological report and defined them. We received  an email from NASA asking the children to research and write a non-chronological report for them! The children can't wait to write them. 


In Maths Year 1 have started learning about 2D and 3D shapes. They  have had to name them, identify their properties and sort them into groups using a Venn diagram. We then moved onto securing and developing our knowledge of place value by representing numbers using a range of resources. 

Year 2 have learnt how to subtract using a number line. They are now learning to multiply using arrays and multiplying using a numberline. 


In science the children completed an investigation outside. The children worked in pairs to identify materials and their uses. The children had to suggest why the objects were made from the materials focussing on the properties and then had to classify the materials into groups with a focus on similarities. 


ICE zone busy learning 

October 2017

We have begun addition and subtraction in maths! The children have been super and are working very hard. Year 2 have learnt how to add two 2 digit numbers using a number line and Year 1 have been working hard adding and subtracting numbers within 20 using a range of resources. They have begun looking at how the numbers can be fact families by using the inverse. We also had 2 diamond learners for maths! Well done girls.


In English we have started looking at letter writing. The children had to label the features of a letter and put a letter in order because Miss Wanless accidentally put it through the shredder! Amber class received a letter from the Beast asking for our help! The children were very excited about this and were keen to write him a letter back. They had to use their science knowledge to help him as he wanted to know which material would be best to build a bookshelf.



In Science we have still been learning about materials and we have completed some exciting investigations! 

We investigated whether materials shape could be changed and the sorted them into groups. We discussed that some objects have more than one material on them and could partically change shape. 


Another investigation we completed was testing if materials were absorbent. The children have to work very safely during this lesson. We discussed which materials were absorbent and how they knew and Year one put them into two groups and listed them. Year 2 had to write a report about what they had found out. 


Ice Zone Learning:


Our Charity Ramble:


September 2017

All of the children have settled into Amber Class amazingly! The children have been having lots of fun learning in the ICE Zone, reading 'The Lonely Beast' in English and place value in maths.


In maths the children have been ordering numbers, partitioning numbers, creating numbers with a range of resources and comparing numbers. All of the children have been working super hard and are excited to learn something new everyday!


During English the focus has been storytelling around the story 'The Lonely Beast'. We have story mapped, retold the story with great action, asked questions, ordered the story, and planned our very own stories!


In science we have been learning about materials. The children have named materials, identified their properties and have discussed why certain objects are made out of that material. The children loved going on a material hunt around the classroom and enjoyed labelling the materials and their properties.


For our first exciting writing of the Year we decorated our own beast biscuits and then wrote great detailed instructions on how to make them. The children loved it and were very excited to write!

Below 2016-2017

Amber class are super mathematicians! Year 2 were estimating and measuring different objects outside today. Yesterday Year 1 investigated money and had to try and find all the different ways of making 10p with different coins. Today Year 1 had to choose items to buy with the correct change. Then they were challenged further to add two items together and pay with the correct coins. Super work Amber class!

During Year 1 maths the children made a number line from 0-100 in which they had to place all of the numbers in the correct places thinking about which numbers went in-between which tens. They then challenged their friends to guess a number by describing where that number would be. For example: my number is between 30 and 40 and is one less than 33. The children thoroughly enjoyed this lesson and were very good at describing the place value and order of numbers to 100.

As our topic this term is Africa we decided to design and create our own African masks. The children researched African masks and then different colours, patterns and symbols which are used. The children then designed their mask by practicing the different African patterns and symbols. They all worked extremely hard on this project and they are extremely happy with all of their masks! Please see the slideshow below.     

The Google Experience! Amber class absolutely loved it and were fascinated by the images they were able to see! The children were able to use the phones to look at 3D pictures of different places and things. It was fantastic!

Amber class have been working very hard during these first couple of weeks back. Here are some pictures of them researching and sorting African animals and some snapshots of their amazing art work! I was so impressed! They painted the backgrounds and then cut out the animals, ground and trees all independently! They were all so incredible they are now on display in our KS1 ICE Zone! Super work Amber class!

Amber class had a fantastic first day back! This morning we had a visitor who ran some team building games and orienteering activities. The children were introduced to map reading and had to work together to get the correct coloured equipment and put it in the correct order. I was very impressed! Well done Amber class.

An introduction to the Summer term:


The text we will use this term is ‘One day on our blue planet in the Savannah’ which will enrich and extend vocabulary as well as acting as a stimulus for powerful writing. This term the children will be writing information texts such as fact files and non-chronological reports, using their fantastic vocabulary in descriptions and will create poems. Additionally, they will be using their skills across the curriculum to write information in science lessons.


Our maths lessons will focus on time, capacity, estimating and addition and subtraction. Alongside this, the children will practise their arithmetic skills daily and apply their knowledge to other areas of the curriculum. Maths lessons will be continue to be driven by investigation, with the children encouraged to explain their thinking by reasoning and problem solving on a regular basis. Year 2 will be preparing for their KS1 SATs which means we will be revising all the topics we have learnt whilst further developing their skills and knowledge.


Our topic this term is Africa and we are all extremely excited! We have lots of safari and rainforest trips planned for outside learning and have designed areas in the KS1 ICE Zone as a hot air balloon, a safari hospital and our very own rainforest.


As the children throughly enjoyed QR codes last term we are going to continue researching Africa using these codes. We will also be researching answers to our questions about Africa. There will be a focus on appropriate use and how to stay safe online.


The children will learn about and describe the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival and the will describe the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food, and hygiene. They will also identify and name a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.


The children will use a range of materials to design a batik, examine TingaTinga paintings and draw African objects. The children have also started painting African patterns. The children will also look at African artists and create a piece of art based on the artist.


The focus for RE this term is ‘our amazing world’. The children will think about what puzzles them, what amazes them and how people have a responsibility to care for the world. We will also focus on the creation story.


The children will listen to African music and focus on the rhythm and beat. The children will then use the instruments they make in DT to recreate the music.

Physical Education

PE will focus on athletics and netball this term whilst having orienteering in the outside ICE Zone. We also have a visitor who will teach children the fundamental movement skills later in the Summer term.

Design Technology

The children will research, design and make their own African masks! The children will design and make an African instrument, which they will also use in music. The children will also create their own fruit skewer with exotic fruits.


The focus will be on investigating the physical and human features in Cape Town. The children will also focus on the different layers of the rainforest, with a specific focus on Madagascar, identifying which plants and animals live in each layer.

As we are studying plants in science we have decided to plant our own seeds and observe them as they grow. Both Year 1 and 2 were able to plant their seeds by identifying everything a plant needs to survive and we have started our own plant diaries which we will edit each week to show the growth and progress of our plants. The children are extremely excited about this and we are looking forward to seeing big healthy plants! (Please see slideshow below for pictures of the children planting their seeds).

A visit to the Library!

In English we are still focusing on the story of Rapunzel but the children are now writing their own story innovating different parts and using their brilliant vocabulary. In maths Year 2 have recapped subtraction and challenged themselves to find missing numbers by doing the inverse. This is very tricky! Year 1 have started learning about measuring and have even measured each other. The children are still monitoring and observing their seeds growing in science but have also started focusing on animals and where the live. We also had science week and the children had lots of fun with their experiments from making a lava lamp to making gloop!

As we approach the end of our topic in the ICE Zone the children are collating all of their fabulous knowledge and research into a PowerPoint. This is forming a part of our Fabulous Finish where the children will have opportunities to present their learning to their friends. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and have definitely learnt they don’t want to be a Gong-Farmer!



Science day: Amber and Emerald class had lots of fun completing fun science experiments! We made gloop, looked at water being absorbed with colour mixing, looking at the reactions by making a lava lamp and mixing food colouring with washing up liquid in milk.

In maths Year 1 have been focussing on their adding and subtraction challenging themselves to find missing numbers in calculations. We are then going to apply these skills to answer word problems relating to the story ’sharing a shell’. Year 2 have been learning all about fractions! The children have learnt how to find a fraction of a number, finding fractions of shapes and lengths and they are beginning to compare and order fractions! It is very tricky but the children have worked very hard! In English we have been comparing different stories of Rapunzel, retelling the story by putting the story into different sections, innovating the story by changing the resolution and writing descriptions of settings and characters using expanded noun phrases and fantastic vocabulary. The children have planted their own seed in science and are making observations as it grows. They are extremely excited about their plants and check them everyday! We have learnt lots about what plants need to grow and stay healthy.

This week we had an open day for parents in the ICE Zone it was very successful and the children loved having their parents in school to show them their amazing work and activities. The children are still enjoying the topic of ‘castles’. They have started writing fantastic questions after watching Mrs Jarvis role play as the queen! They have also created fantastic art work by painting illuminating letters.


A very exciting week at Winhills! The children have finished exploring 'The Princess and the White Bear King' in English and they have developed their use of shape in Maths. We also were privileged to visit the local Tesco St Neots and explore the store!

We had a fantastic morning at Tesco! We walked behind the scenes, took a trip around the bakery and tasted lots of yummy food!

KS1 have been thoroughly enjoying reading ‘The Princess and The White Bear King’. We have created story maps, retold the story with actions, written explanations and have written persuasively all using fantastic vocabulary. In maths Year 1 have been focussing on counting and reading and writing numbers and year 2 have started focussing on 2D shapes by naming the shapes and the features and drawing shapes on dotted paper. We have lots of exciting learning happening next week too!

Year 1 and 2 have come back into school enthusiastic and ready to learn! We are beginning to learn how to tell the time in Maths. In English, we are beginning to look at a new book and have already been predicting what will happen and we have started asking questions about the story. The children continue to develop their writing skills to include more detailed vocabulary and punctuation. In science we are beginning a new topic about plants. The children have been outside to look at the different wildlife this week and have thoroughly enjoyed it!


Castles Day!

What an amazing way to start off the new term! On Monday 9th January all of Key Stage One warmly welcomed in History Off the Page to launch our new topic of castles. The children loved it and spent the morning working hard in the castle completing all sorts of jobs. In the afternoon, the children had a feast. Some children trained as jesters and dancers to entertain the nobles

Castles day!

It’s nearly Christmas! The year one children have been learning all about the bar model in Maths to represent their number bonds to 10. In English, the children have continued to write their space stories thinking carefully about what descriptive words they can use. The children have also started getting into the festive spirit by making Christmas decorations to decorate the school.

The year two children have been getting Christmassy in the last two weeks. They too have made decorations and they have been decorating the school. In Maths, the children have learnt all about multiplication and division and they have developed a written method for both. In English, they have also continued to write their space stories.

In year One, the children continue to be busy learners! They have explored some more place value and addition and subtraction in Maths. The children have been using numicon to support their learning with visual representations. In English, the children have been planning their own space themed stories. They have already written the introduction and we are all excited to see where our writing takes us!

In year Two, the children have been exploring data handling. They have enjoyed lots of outside learning where they have all collected leaves to create a tally chart and then they displayed their data in pictograms and bar chart. The children have also planned their own space stories with more detail to include expanded noun phrases, commas and time connectives. In Science, the children have been learning all about recycling.


A visit from Pudsey and lots of learning!

The year 1 children have come back eager to learn after half term! In the past two weeks, the children have been learning about the properties of 2D shape in Mathematics and they have recapped their understanding of place value again. The children can all confidently count, order and find missing numbers in sequences to 20 and beyond. In English, the children have impressed their teachers with their wonderful adjectives to describe the moon and their very own aliens. The children continue to develop their writing skills to include more detailed vocabulary and punctuation. In Science, the children have explored different properties of materials.


After half term, the children have developed their knowledge of measures in their Mathematics lessons. The children have enjoyed their outside learning opportunities where they measured and ordered the lengths of sticks and explored if the tallest box was always the heaviest. In English, the children have developed their descriptive writing to include expanded noun phrases. The children have continued to develop their use of commas to include even more fantastic vocabulary in their writing. In Science, the children have enjoyed exploring different properties such as absorbency and water resistance.

Another quick update from Key Stage One. The children have been really busy in Maths learning all about subtraction. They have used lots of resources including counters, dienes and numicon.


In English, the children have been developing their descriptive writing of the sun and the moon to include noun phrase.


The children are nearly halfway through their ICE zone topic: Great Great Britain! The children have continued to explore the map of Great Britain and identify the characteristics of the local areas. During their outside learning, the children are exploring the colours and sounds of Autumn and they are starting to keep a weather and seasons diary.

In year 1, the children continue to work extremely hard towards their learning! In Maths, the children have been learning about addition and subtraction. They have been using lots of counters, cubes, numicon and bead strings to help them count on and backwards from a number. In English, the children have been learning how to write a character description about Bob; the man who works on the moon. The children used lots of fantastic adjectives to describe what Bob looks like and what his personality is like.


The year 2 children have been working extremely hard in the classroom and in the ICE zone. In Maths, the children have been learning all about addition. The children have been adding one digit numbers, two digit numbers and tens and two digit number with other two digit numbers. A very busy two weeks in Maths! The children are starting to show their understanding using a numberline. In English, the children have started to explore Bob; the man who works on the moon. They have described his appearance and his personality in detail using commas to separate a list of adjectives. The children have also continued to explore the properties of materials.

They have explored place value in Maths. The children have been learning to count backwards, forwards and in twos! In English, the children have been writing sentences about space and impressing their teachers with their use of full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. The children continue to develop their letter formation using the read, write, inc rhymes. In phonics, the children are exploring the letters and sounds phases and are already showing us their wonderful sound knowledge. All of the children have settled in wonderfully and are getting to know the Key Stage One area excellently.


In year 2, the children have started off the year exploring place value in Maths. They are able to read, write and build two digit numbers and they have used lots of visual and practical resources to develop their understanding of number. In English, the children have been developing their knowledge of non-fiction texts so they can write their own non-chronological reports. The children have already started to research lots of information from books, the internet and lots of pictures.

A busy start to the academic year! The children have been busy painting, creating, inventing and inspiring!  The children have spent the first week getting to know their friends and all of the adults that are working with them. All children in year 1 and 2 have PE on a Tuesday. Also, if anyone has a spare shirt that the children could wear as a painting apron that would be great!


Amber Class have all enjoyed their half term and have returned for the last half term full of energy and ready to go.

Already this half term we have started a new science topic, learnt some monster words and to create arrays to help us work out multiplication questions.

Year 1 children have been busy focusing on the phonics skills ready for their screening check. To help us remember some of our sounds we draw them with water on the playground.

In Maths some children have been testing each other on their number knowledge, whilst other children have been learning how to use and make arrays with all sorts of classroom equipment, including the furniture!

Then in Science we have started out 'Plants' topic. Amber class went on a plant hunt around the school to see what plants we could discover and find.

Busy Learning

WB: 16.05.16


This week we have been very busy in Amber Class. The year 2 children have had a particular busy week, they have been completing their Key Stage 1 SATs. Also this week the children have all been put on to Accelerated Reader, which the children have to read and quiz daily. So far the children have been very enthusiastic and are trying to score 100% on each quiz they complete. 

Accelerated Reader

Reading and quizzing
More quizzing
More reading

WB: 18.04.16

Welcome back from the Easter break. The children and teachers are well rested and are

 ready to undertake the Summer term. The last two weeks have started the Summer term off really well.

In our ICE Zone we are exploring our new topic of Seaside's. The children have already written postcards, designed ice creams and designed a puppet. We hope to visit the seaside at the of this topic.


In Maths the children have predicted, measured and recorded the capacity of various different containers, the children used the water tray during the Maths lesson to measure the capacity of the different items. We learnt how many millilitres were in one litre. The children in year 2 have been focusing on refining their arithmetic skills ready for their SATs.


In Read Write Inc. We have been extremely busy learning new sounds, with each new sound we learn to read it, write it and identify it in real and pseudo words. Each week the children learn lots of new sounds which are put to the test by reading a new and exciting text. 

ICE Zone Seaside

Beach role play area
Fishy Phonics writing area
Seaside shop



Amber Class have had a very exciting week. We have been exploring weights and measures in Maths. The children have weighed and measured a range of ingredient and objects. We have also been very lucky as we have had special visitors this week.

First we had BMX Guinness World Record holder Matti Hemmings come to school and perform a rang of stunts and tricks on his BMX bike. Secondly we had a visit from St.Neots fire brigade and one of their fire engines. The children learnt about all the equipment the fire brigade carry with them, the amount of water they carry on board the engine and how a fireman is ready to fight fire. The highlight of the visit was when the children were allowed to climb in and through the fire engine.

Fire Engine

WB: 08.02.16

In Science this week Amber class have continued to explore the world of materials. We carried out an investigation of which materials were suitable for building a tent with. The criteria the materials had to meet were: flexible, strong but most importantly be waterproof. The children tested a variety of materials to see if they were waterproof or not.  The real challenge came when the children had to keep their feather dry!


Art in the ICE Zone this term, the children have been working in the style of Claude Monet. The art work has been sending both children and staff dotty with trying to work in Monet's famous impressionist style. The children have used this style to create their own Monet inspired work.

ICE Zone

Our Tudor houese we have constructed
Our very own Pudding Lane bakery
Monet inspired artwork
Fire phonics cave writing area

Material Investigation

Great team work
Testing tissue
Testing cardboard

WB: 25.01.16

This week we have been working hard at our place value in Maths. We explored the meaning of HTO and pulled the numbers apart to re-build them again. We understood the importance of place value.


Place value

WB: 11.01.16

This week started off with an amazing 'History off the page' day. The children were transported back in time to 1666, the year of The Great Fire of London. We had a busy day making candles, embossing leather, sewing, clay pot making, weaving, fetching water, catching rats, perfume making and writing with a real feather and ink.


In their Read, Write, Inc lessons the children have continued to apply their phonics to their reading and their writing. The children have been working hard to create their Big Write all about the ‘History off the page day’.

Autumn Term

WB: 30.11.15

This week we had a package delivered from the North Pole! We are now the proud owners of a very cheeky looking elf. The children voted for a name to call the elf. Mr Messy Elf will be keeping an eye on the children throughout December.

Messy Elf

Making Shapes

WB: 23.11.15

In their Read, Write, Inc lessons the children have continued to apply their phonics to their reading and their writing. The children have been working exceptionally hard on Friday’s to complete a Big Write based on the book they have been reading in their RWI sessions.


In Miss Brock’s and Mrs Goodwin’s classes the children have been learning about subtraction. They have enjoyed using practical equipment to solve subtraction problems.  The children have also made shapes using different equipment.


WB: 02.11.15


A great week back after half term. The children have had an exciting week. We have started to learn our Christmas Dance with Miss Johnson. The children have been busy making shapes in Maths and to round off a great week we had a visit from Pudsey bear!



Mr Franco has been working really hard with Amber Class this week. The children have all been working really hard to improve their ball skills. The children have been enjoying the team work aspect of PE and have been encouraging and praising each other.

Throwing and Catching


WB: 21.09.15 

In Maths this week we have focused on number. The children have built numbers, learnt the value of different digits within numbers and explored different types of equipment.



WB: 14.09.15

We have been looking at ourselves this week and have painted some wonderful self-portraits, focusing on our colour mixing skills. Every day Amber class have taken part in a 20 minute walk, to keep us healthy and our brains switched on throughout the afternoon.


WB:  07.09.15

We have been busy learning all about Queen Elizabeth and her record-breaking achievement for being the longest reigning monarch in British history.  To celebrate Amber class have learnt part of the National Anthem, made crowns, made cakes and on Wednesday held a tea party in honour of the Queen.

Celebrating the Queen

We made our own crowns.