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Amber Year 1/2

Amber Class
Year 1/2 2015-2016
Miss Brock

Autumn Term

WB: 21.09.15


In Maths this week we have focused on number. The children have built numbers, learnt the value of different digits within numbers and explored different types of equipment.


WB: 14.09.15


We have been looking at ourselves this week and have painted some wonderful self-portraits, focusing on our colour mixing skills. Every day Amber class have taken part in a 20 minute walk, to keep us healthy and our brains switched on throughout the afternoon.


WB:  07.09.15


We have been busy learning all about Queen Elizabeth and her record-breaking achievement for being the longest reigning monarch in British history.  To celebrate Amber class have learnt part of the National Anthem, made crowns, made cakes and on Wednesday held a tea party in honour of the Queen.

Celebrating the Queen