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Amethyst Year 4


We've learned a lot in Amethsyt in the last 2 weeks!


We've learned how to partition 3 and 4 digit numbers in maths, have figured out how to round them using our special rhyme, and now we've moved on to decimal places. We're becoming really good at finding the place value of numbers. Decimals didn't trick us! We can recognise tenths and hundreths places, and we can show them using place value blocks.



In English, we've moved on to writing non-chronological reports about the Romans. We chose this topic because we've become experts about Roman life from our time in the ICE zone. We learned the 6 key features of a non-chronological report and were able to label them. Now we're beginning to write paragraphs so we can complete our reports. Mrs. Wright came and taught us some great strategies for paragraph-writing! We now have some excellent tools for our writing tool belts.


We've continued learning about living and non-living things with Mrs. Wright in science, as well as playing tag rugby outside for games. We have also kept up with our daily 20-minute walks, and our number of steps continues to increase!


We've started to read Flat Stanley books as a class, and are excited to start sending letters back and forth with a Year 4 class in Canada. We're going to create a Flat Stanley to send on some adventures.



Amethyst has had a very busy 2 weeks!


Last week we finished up our creative weeks, which included many fun activities. We learned about each other by writing autobiography poems, drew beautiful self-portraits, learned all about the Romans on Romans Day, and began reading a novel - The Thieves of Ostia. We also learned how to organize ourselves in the morning for our Morning Meetings, which help us learn how to communicate with each other, and also recall things we learned the day before. We're getting really good at learning our routine!


In maths, we've been learning about place value. We know how to sort a number into units, tens, hundreds, and thousands! We've been discussing how to partition numbers so that we actually know what they mean. We are getting faster every day!


In English, we've been talking about Information Texts. These are important texts that help us learn information. We have all written out a step-by-step routine of something we know how to do really well. We've also been examining newspapers and all of their features. So far, we can identify headlines, photos and captions, subheadings, and quotes. We found some funny articles in the papers we read!


Our Accelerated Reader program is in full swing, and Amethyst has been doing a great job reading their books. Homework books will go home today, and are now expected to come back every week to be marked. We've committed to doing our very best work in our books!


We're very excited to continue learning and growing in Year 4, and can't wait to see what this year brings!

Welcome to the Year 4 class page.

Here you will be able to see the fantastic work the year 4 children get up to. They cover a range of activities and lessons both in the classroom and in the ICE zone. The topic for our ICE zone this term is Africa.

Week commencing 4th May 2015:

Another busy two weeks in year 4. They have continued their work on the butterfly lion by using time connectives from the book to write about their school day. They have also boxed up the story to follow the different first person recounts throughout the book. In Numeracy the children have explored data handing by completing their own 30 second challenges and presenting their work in bar graphs. They then wrote inference questions for their friends to solve. In Science the children followed their own lines of enquiry by exploring the rate of temperate change using ice cubes. They have also learnt about the water cycle and debated the effect that the ice caps have on the water levels. The children explored evaporation by testing how much their puddles would evaporate throughout the afternoon. The children are exploring Africa in their ICE zone sessions.

Week commencing 20th April 2015:

After having an amazing time at Grafham, the children have been working fantastically hard in all their currciulum activities. In Numeracy, the children have been learning equivalent decimals to fractions, revising division and their measures for length, mass and capacity. In Literacy the children have started a brilliant novel by Michael Morpurgo - 'The Butterfly Lion'. The children have already written character descriptions, diary entries, their own ending and even a letter in the mindset of Bertie or Millie. We have started a new topic in Science: states of matter. The children explored the particles of each state of matter and spent time identifying each one. They made cornflour gloop and argues whether the substance was a solid or a liquid.


Welcome to Year 4 2014-2015!

Red Nose Day 2015! 

To raise money this year, the children created silly hats to wear for the day! The creativity the children showed was amazing. Every hat was fantastic and everyone looked super in their silly hats throughout the day. 


Week commencing 9th March 2015: 

Year 4 have had a busy couple of weeks! In Numeracy they have been exploring length, perimeter and area. They had fun measuring a whole range of items including each other! They can measure accurately to the nearest mm. They used their knowledge of arrays to help them solve area problems and find out the areas of Mrs Wood's garden pots!  In Literacy the children concluded their advertising unit with a persuasive letter about whether of not zoos should be allowed. We had a class debate and used higher level connectives to structure our arguments. 


World book day! Thursday 5th March 2015

This year the children all chose to create puppets from different books and showcase them in their classes. The children clearly put so much effort into their puppets and they all looked fantastic! Just have a looks at the wonderful puppets from year 4:


The year 4 children have been fantastic this term learning how to forwards roll, backwards roll and headstand! We used the apparatus to strengthen our core muscles by only lifting our legs! Here are a few pictures of our fantastic gymnastic skills!


Week commencing 23rd February 2015:

Welcome back! We hope you all enjoyed half term. The children have jumped back into their learning this week. They have been sorting 2D shapes in Numeracy using Carroll and Venn diagrams. In Literacy, the children have started a new topic writing about persuasive texts. They have advertised Cadbury's creme eggs (of course we had to try one to know how to advertise it!) and thought carefully about positive vocabulary. They created some fantastic slogans for their advertising posters, here are some of the favourites:

'the egg that beats soldiers!' Owen. 

'A cracking way to start your day!' Connor. 

'Join the delicious side!' Jack.


Week commencing 2nd February 2015: 

Another busy two weeks in year 4! They class have been learning all about co-ordinates in Numeracy. The children went outside to our old chequers square and turned them into grids! They then took a small bowl and plotted it on the gigantic grid. The children have learnt how to plot co-ordinates, write co-ordinates, draw symmetrical shapes on co-ordinates and then they have also learnt how to translate shapes up, down, left and right. In Literacy the chlidren have continued their learning about fairytales by hot-seating the characters from the story, 'Rumpelstilstkin'. They then wrote character ad setting descriptions. They have also further developed their understanding of sound in Science by learning that sounds travel through solids, liquids and gases. 


Week commencing  19th January 2015:

 The year fours have also started their new topic in Literacy all about fairytales. They have learned 'Rumpelstilstkin' off by heart by using their wonderful storytelling actions. Soon they will be adapting the story to create their own fairytales. Lastly, the children have started their new topic of sound in Science. They have learnt that sound  is created by vibrations (we had lots of fun making objects vibrate!) In Numeracy the children have been learning all about fractions! They have been learning how to add fractions, simplify fractions, find fractions of numbers and solve fraction word problems. 



Week commencing 5th January 2015: 
Welcome back! The year fours told me they all had a fabulous Christmas and were very excited by our new topic for the ICE zone this term; Egypt! We spent the first three days back researching into Egypt (especially how to write in hieroglyphics). We researched who Tutankhamen was, where the Pyramids are and so much more. We used our Art skills to make Tutankhamen masks and we turned ourselves into Egyptian Kings and Queens using a black and white self portrait and some pastels. A great start to the new term. 

Week commencing 1st December 2014: 
Another super busy couple of weeks. We have enjoyed starting our new Science topic about Electricity; we made posters about the potential dangers and then made some circuits. The children were fabulous with their circuits and could explain the electricity flow excellently. We have started our topic about Christmas poetry by completing a 'snowballing' activity. We thought about all the Christmas descriptions that jump to us and then passed (well, threw with good aim!) the ideas to the next table to contribute to. A great couple of weeks.
Week commencing 17th November 2014: 
Christmas is most definitely coming! The year 4 class have begun practising their Christmas carols for the concert with Miss Cornell, the singing teacher. The children are working fantastically hard and they are so close to knowing all of their lyrics, well done Year 4 - keep up the hard work. The class have also been learning about division in Numeracy and have then moved onto learning about 2D shapes and their properties. Fantasy stories are all finished now and the children are now moving onto writing some fantastic poems based on the theme of Christmas.
Children in need! Thank you to all the children that participated in the 'odd socks/slippers' day at Winhills. The year 4 class looked fantastic!
Week commencing 3rd November 2014:
I hope you have all enjoyed your half term and you are all well rested. The children have come back into Year 4 ready to show me their fantastic learning. The children have been learning how to multiply using the grid method and how to solve multi-step problems in Numeracy. The children loved going outside on a word problem hunt in the trees to find the word problems to solve (we all managed to solve over 3 problems in 20 minutes!). In Literacy the children have begun to write their fantasy stories thinking carefully about how to keep the reader hooked in using powerful vocabulary and sentence structure. A new half term means a new sport in year 4; netball! The children have practised their pivoting skills and they are learning the footwork rules for Netball. As if that all wasn't enough, they have applied themselves fantastically in the ICE zones so far this year and have produced a fantastic amount of work for their folders

Week commencing 20th October 2014:
The first half term of Year 4 flew by. The last two weeks the children have started their fantasy stories, using written methods for addition and subtraction, looked at food webs in Science and even moving onto looking at teeth. Not only have they been busy in the classroom but they have also completed some amazing work in the ICE zone linked to the Tudors. They have also been excelling in their Singing classes, street dance classes and PE lessons. The year 4 had their first inta-competition for Tag Rugby where they split into 4 teams and played each other - the passes were amazing and the tags were quick and clever. Here are some pictures of our last 2 weeks:
Week commencing 13th October 2014. 
This half term is flying by! The children have completed their first literacy topics where they've been writing non-chronological reports and they are beginning to learn what a fantasy text is and how we can hook our readers into out stories. The non-chronological texts were fabulous, see below for some super examples of the year 4's writing. In Numeracy we have been learning about addition and subtraction and how partitioning can help us with our calculations. We have developed our learning in Science from food webs onto food chains - they ended up very big! Who knew the animals linked together so well? Another great couple of weeks in year 4. 
Week commencing 29th September 2014. 
Another busy two weeks! We have been flying through our Literacy topic where we are writing about the Tudors for our non-chronological reports. We found all of the key features of non-chronological reports and we moved onto researching to make our own. We have also been learning about the place value system all the way to 5 digits! We've even looked at decimals! Everyone in year four impressed me with their super vocabulary when explaining the effect multiplying by 10 and 100 has on the digits. We also compared and ordered numbers in Numeracy (trying to find expensive houses to rent or buy!) In Science we have moved on from the digestive system and we are now looking at habitats, animal diets and food chains. 
 Year 4  enjoy learning all areas of the curriculum. This term they also have an external coach that develops their skills in Dance. They learn a range of dances including modern, street, ballet and tap. The year 4 class have been working super hard at learning a broad range of skills in their dance lessons; they have learnt about pace, rhythm, balance and agility among other skills. Here are a few pictures to show the different warm ups we do. 
Week commencing 15th September 2014: 
What a busy couple of weeks! The children have thoroughly enjoyed the rest of their creative weeks and had a fabulous time at the History of the Page day. The children looked amazing in their Tudor outfits and enjoyed spending the morning learning about different Tudor jobs. We have also started our Science topic this week; animals including humans. The year 4 class really impressed me with their maturity and quick understanding about the human digestive system. We spent some time making a life-size digestive system to label. 
Week commencing 01/09/2014:
First week back! The year 4's have been fabulous for the two days this week. We have completed lots of creative activities including targets and self portraits. We spent some time team building to mix the class up and get to know each other better. We completed the marshmallow and spaghetti challenge where the children had to work in group to build the tallest tower. They worked fantastically well and completed some brilliant towers. Have a look below for all the pictures, but here are some sneak peaks! 
WELCOME TO YEAR 4  2013-2014
I hope that everyone had a lovely summer break! The first few days back at school have been great, we have really enjoyed lots of exciting activities during creative week.

The children had a Roman day and came dressed in fantastic costumes. They made some wonderful things at various market stalls and we found out lots of facts about the Romans. Now, we’re really looking forward to learning more about the Romans in the shared area.

The new kitchen has been put to good use so far, we have made biscuits and shortbread for our international day where years 4, 5 and 6 ‘visited’ Scotland, France and Germany.

Reward day - 19th December 2013
Children had a fantastic time on reward day and thoroughly enjoyed the silent disco which they had all day and in the afternoon they had lots of party food in the afternoon, which they loved.

Welcome back!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break. We are starting our new topic on the Saxons and the Vikings this term and there has been much excitement in the shared area so far!

Starz Plus
All the children have been given a password for starz plus, log and find out which exciting activities you can do!

Monday 2nd - Friday 7th February 2014

This week we have been focusing on problem solving in numeracy and re-creating our own Viking myth in Literacy. See the photos for some fantastic team work!

Monday 10th - Friday 14th February 2014

To help us identify right angles, we each made pac-man and went outside to find as many right angles as we could. Year 4 have also been busy measuring Viking artefacts to help a museum with their new display.
The children have written some wonderful acrostic poems in literacy.

Monday 24th Friday 28th February 2014

We have had a very busy week after a nice break! I hope everyone enjoyed half term. The children have been writing about what they did in the holiday as part of their assessment. They have also worked very hard on their numeracy and reading tests, well done year 4!


We have had a fantastic time doing lots of exciting activities. See the photos below of year 4 and 5 climbing the high ropes, building rafts and enjoying themselves!


The children brought in potatoes that they had transformed into a book character, we also went to the bookshop where everyone received a book using their book token.

Monday 10th - Friday 14th March 2014

Year four have been fantastic at helping Mrs Wood find the perimeter of the flower beds in our garden this week. She was very impressed with year 4's numeracy skills. We have had an interesting week looking at persuasive writing with a particular focus on adverts. The children managed to pick out the key features of a good TV advert and then create their own.

Monday 17th - Friday 21st March 2014

We were very lucky to have a trip to the library this week. In literacy we have been looking at the features of adverts, we even made our own adverts, see below for some brilliant photos!
Monday 24th March - Friday 28th March 2014

It has been a very exciting week with reward day on Thursday...we had over 200 bars of chocolate in school! We had lots of fun modelling chocolate, baking cakes and enjoying lots of great activities. See the photos for all the chocolate treats...