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Curriculum in the Foundation Stage


We use the documents entitled 'Development Matters' and 'Birth to Five' to inform both our planning and assessment. We have designed our curriculum to address the needs of the children attending and the community we are a part of. As such, our curriculum is always evolving. It is rich with practical experiences and combines both adult and child lead learning which foster curiosity and a sense of ownership from both staff and learners. 


The characteristics of effective learning underpin all elements of our curriculum. We have three broad themes and work within one of these each term. In the autumn it is 'Ourselves', in the spring it is 'Homes' and in the summer our theme is titled 'Journeys'. This allows us to layer our curriculum with the teaching of fundamental skills at the different developmental stages of our children. 


Within these themes we refine our topics further and link the learning to a carefully chosen text or texts. This enables the children to build meaningful links between their experiences and learning whilst combining their skills from the seventeen different areas as documented in 'Development Matters'. 


We personalise the delivery of our curriculum; we teach in small groups, whole classes or one to one as the individual child's stage of development requires it. Children are then given opportunities to consolidate and deepen their learning by accessing the continuous provision.


We teach phonics using the FFT Success for All Phonics scheme. All of our children take a book for pleasure home each week and take part in a shared reading session every week. We have daily singing and music lessons and our younger learners have weekly listening walks. 


The learning journey is shared with parents via 'Tapestry' and they are encouraged to celebrate achievements from home in the same way. Staff share the weekly story via a video on Tapestry as well as recordings of key teaching to help parents support their child.