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Summer Term

Welcome back! 

In English, the children are writing their own adventure stories. They have been working hard on creating their villain, heroes and settings. They have been using lots of descriptive techniques like similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration. Their stories are reading brilliantly so far! I can't wait to read their final pieces! 

In Maths, the children have been learning all about angles. They have identified acute, obtuse and reflex angles and different turns. They have learnt how to measure angles using protractors and have done a brilliant job! Their reasoning about angles has been fantastic. 

In Science, we have started learning about unbalanced forces. The children have learnt about gravity and air resistance. They created an experience with balloons which showed the larger the surface area, the greater the air resistance. The children enjoyed learning about Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei and their theories. 

In History, the children have started their new topic of Maya civilisation. They started the unit by learning about who they Maya were and where they lived. They then continued their learning by looking at the challenges the Maya faced when settling in the rainforest and possible solutions to these challenges. 

In Computing, the children are learning about online safety. They began the unit by having to guess the password to get into the classroom which led to a very interesting discussion about safety and personal protection. We then discussed how apps can access their personal information and how they can alter their permissions. The children were very shocked to find out what apps can access and lots of the children went home and looked at their permissions in their settings to stop the apps.