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Spring Term 2024

Week Ending 22nd March 


This week, the children have been introduced to fractions and have been identifying equal parts and finding 1/2 of a shape and an amount. In English, they have innovated a tasty snack ready to send to dinosaur with a letter. 


They have been investigating how to stay healthy and be hygienic in science and enjoyed learning all about germs and how to stop them from spreading. 


They have loved creating their chairs for the teddy bear and have tested whether they are sturdy and safe. They are ready to evaluate their designs next week.



Week Ending 15th March


The children have loved learning about length and comparing cm and m this week. They have been practically using resources to measure and applying their knowledge to solve problems.

In English, they have completed their stories adapted from Mrs Armitage on Wheels and I have loved reading them this afternoon. Their writing has really come on since the beginning of the year.

We have started our new DT unit focusing on structures and have began constructing a chair for a teddy.

This afternoon, the children have had a science afternoon to celebrate British Science Week. They have looked at camouflage and how to make a paper aeroplane aerodynamic.

Week Ending 8th March


What a busy week we have had! The children have been completing their assessments this week.

As the weather has been nicer this week, we have been able to take our geography learning outside. We have been looking at seasonal changes and compass directions.

On Thursday, the children loved dressing up as their favourite characters for World Book Day and listening to a variety of different stories from lots of adults around the school.

Finally, we had a busy day exploring the botanical gardens. We had the opportunity to create artwork using natural resources, wrote nature poems and looked around the tropical plants.

Week Ending 16th February

Ruby Class should be very proud of their learning this week! They have finished their adapted stories and took their time to make sure they included everything that we had learned. They have been very proud to show off their work. In maths we have moved onto multiplication and division on a number line and they have been able to work out some really tricky multiplications. They have really enjoyed computing this week and have been learning how to create an algorithm and make a moving character. We have finished off our history topic this week by exploring old fashioned outdoor games. They compared these with the games they play at breaktime and some of them have even continued to play them outside of our lesson. They have worked really hard this term and I hope they have a wonderful week off.

Week Ending 9th February


We have been very busy learning methods for multiplication and division for our 2, 5 and 10 times tables and are beginning to apply these methods to solve word problems. In English, the children are learning about 5 parts to a story and are ready to apply this to their own writing next week. 


They have finished their collages this afternoon and have added detail using the painting techniques that they learned at the beginning of the unit. 


In History, they were looking at the history of teddy bears and were fascinated to find out that they were named after a president of the United States. 



Week Ending 2nd February


Ruby Class have been working very hard in Maths this week and lots of them have achieved their Rainbow Recall awards. In lessons, we have been working on division by sharing. In English, we have started our new story 'The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Book' and they have created their own villian and setting ready to write their own story over the next two weeks. 


We have been using our texture paintings from last week's art lesson to create our own collages. They have been carefully choosing the colours they need to create their scene. 


They are quite the 'toyologists' now and can confidently talk about toys from the past from what materials they are made from to how they move and have been making comparisons between their own toys and toys from the past. 

Week Ending 26th January


Ruby Class have been creating fantastic texture paintings this afternoon ready to make a collage next week. They carefully identified different textures from photos and selected the appropriate tools to use.


I am very proud of their non-chronological reports and they should all be also. They thoroughly researched their chosen dinosaur and planned their different sections of writing in great detail before their independent write. 


We have started our new Maths topic on multiplication and have really grasped the concept of equal groups and repeated addition which has given them a good understanding before we begin to make links with multiplication. We will have a particular focus on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.


Please can we remember to read as often as possible at home so they continue to make progress. They are reminded daily to change their books but if they have forgotten, please let me know and I will ensure they change it that day. 



Week Ending 19th January


The children have had a fantastic week of learning. They have loved researching their dinosaurs and finding fun facts to add to their plan for their non-chronological report. I am really looking forward to reading them next week. 


They have been identifying and making totals using money and today they have moved onto giving change from 10p and £1. 


On Thursday this week we had a very busy day becoming 'toyologists' and they explored how toys moved and worked before batteries were invented. This has really supported their understanding of our history topic. 


On Friday afternoon, we all went on a texture hunt in the playground and recreated the different textured items using paint. They had to use what they have previously learned about colour mixing to create the matching colour. 


Week Ending 12th January


We have had a great start to the new year and the children are all very settled already. They have been identifying different coins and making totals in Maths. In English, we have been identifying and using a range of conjunctions in our sentences and are going to start researching dinosaurs next week ready for our non-chronological reports. 


The children have loved the first lesson of our new History topic and have talked enthusiastically about their own favourite toys before looking for similarities and differences between modern toys and toys from many years ago. 


This afternoon, they have exploring colour mixing and have learned about primary and secondary colours. They then went on to test what happens to the shade of the colour when black or white is added.