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Before your child starts to write perfect sentences they will go through many processes and it's important these are both recognised and encouraged. 

They will start with grasping a pen or pencil and mark making. Allow them to talk about what they have drawn, it's important they can talk about things before they can record it. These are the stages you can expect to see as your child begins to write. 

As their writing develops and they grow in confidence encourage them to write about things that interest them or that are useful, such as shopping lists, signs or posters. Celebrate their writing and remember that there are so many processes to be able to write.

As your child becomes a better writer they will need to:

1. Write varied sentences, including complex sentences.

2. Write sentences which are grammatically correct and punctuated.

3. Organise, structure and sequence their writing.

4. Use paragraphs.

5. Produce writing which is imaginative, interesting and thoughtful.

6. Produce writing which suits the task, the purpose and the audience.

7. Use and select exciting and appropriate vocabulary

8. Use correct spelling

9. Develop good handwriting and present their work well. 

To be a good writer your child has to be able to do all 9 of these things! You cannot focus on all at the same time, as you help your child start with number 1, as they achieve this move down the list. Support them with their spellings and handwriting throughout.  


Below are some websites and booklets that will be helpful and give you some ideas. Please ask your child's class teacher if you need any more support.