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Quartz Year 6

Pirates of Curry Bean


Our end of year play is The Pirates of the Curry Bean, and we will be singing lots of songs.  Below are some of the songs, and these are for practising at home only.  Please learn the words and be ready to sing loud and proud back at school.

Pot of Gold

Anchors Away

Beneath The Same Starry Sky

Piratical Style




Huge congratulations to everyone for all their hard work during SATs week!  Everyone worked so well and all the hard work as paid off!

Each day, Mrs Lee ran a wonderful breakfast club for everyone, serving lots of delicious meals including bacon rolls, sausage sandwiches, croissants and even pancakes!  We were very lucky to have such a great start to each day!  Now our SATs are over, we have lots of exciting writing and topic based activities to look forward to, before we start rehearsing for our end of year this space!!

Duxford Trip


What a fantastic time Years 5 and 6 had on our trip to the Imperial War museum in Duxford.  We were lucky enough to see all sorts of planes and military aircraft, including many vehicles used during the Battle of Britain.  We were even fortunate enough to see several Spitfires taking off and landing!

Picture 1

SATs information evening


A huge thank you to all the parents who braved the snow and cold weather to attend our SATs information evening.  For those who missed it, we looked at what the SATs are, how they are structured, and ways you can help your child prepare for them.  If you did miss it, all the information and handouts are attached below, and will be given out to children in class.


Year 5/6 Newsletter - 2nd March 2018

Young Voices

With our trip very fast approaching, make sure you are not only learning the lyrics, but also learning the dance moves to the songs!  Follow the videos below to learn the moves you need for each song.

You're in the band breakdown 1080

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Pop goes the classics 1080 breakdown

Uploaded by YVTV on 2017-07-25.

Jambo Bwana breakdown

Uploaded by YVTV on 2017-07-25.

90s throwback

Uploaded by YVTV on 2017-07-25.

Welcome back to Quartz class for 2018.  We have a lot of learning planned for this term, following our new topic of The Battle of Britain.  We also have some exciting trips planned, including our day in London for Young Voices 2018.  


Please find all about what we have planned in our Spring Curriculum Newsletter below.

Young Voices 2018

In February, we will travelling to the O2 arena in London to take part in Young Voices 2018.


The lyrics, songs and dance moves are below, so enjoy learning them!


Singing Together

Singing Together

02 Name that Toon

Uploaded by YVTV on 2017-07-25.

03 Africa

Uploaded by YVTV on 2017-07-25.

03 Why we sing

Uploaded by YVTV on 2017-07-25.

04 Extraordinary

Uploaded by YVTV on 2017-07-25.

05 Pop Goes The Classics

Uploaded by YVTV on 2017-07-25.

06 Hakuna Mata

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Uploaded by YVTV on 2017-07-25.


Uploaded by YVTV on 2017-07-25.

The Call

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Uploaded by YVTV on 2017-07-25.


Uploaded by YVTV on 2017-07-25.

Sports morning

Sports morning 1
Sports morning 2
Sports morning 3
Sports morning 4
Sports morning 5
Sports morning 6
Sports morning 7
Sports morning 8
Sports morning 9
Sports morning 10



A great start to the term with everyone participating in the Y6 intertrust sports morning.  In the sessions, everyone got to play football, netball and dodgeball, and compete against the other teams in the trust.  We came fourth, and showed fantastic effort and teamwork throughout the morning.



Truly trusted - congratulations to everyone who received their Truly Trusted awards in assembly this month!  Your hardwork and fantastic behaviour has really been noted, and you all deserve this special award.

October Sports


Well done to our Tag Rugby teams competing in Huntingdon at the regional tournament.  Our A team came 7th, whilst our B team came 3rd, narrowly missing out on reaching the final by one try!  Great work everyone!


Well done to our football teams too, who represented us excellently at the tournaments at Houghton and Crosshall.

Leaf classification investigation

Leaf classification investigation 1
Leaf classification investigation 2
Leaf classification investigation 3
Leaf classification investigation 4
Leaf classification investigation 5
Leaf classification investigation 6
Leaf classification investigation 7

October 2017


We have been working really hard over the past few weeks!  In maths, we have been really focussing on our number skills, making sure we have great methods for mental and written addition and subtraction, and can apply this to lots of problems.  We have had lots of fun investigating and coming up with some great conjectures.


In English, we have been reading The Adventures of Odysseus, and have written our very own version of Odysseus and the Cyclopes.  Some of the stories are incredible, although are rather gruesome!!


We have started an investigation this week into mould growth in science, so keep your eyes peeled for some interesting looking bread in our class!!



Science investigation

Science investigation 1
Science investigation 2
Science investigation 3
Science investigation 4
Science investigation 5
Science investigation 6
Science investigation 7

Y5 and 6 fortnightly newsletter - 13th October 2017

Creative poetry

Creative poetry 1
Creative poetry 2
Creative poetry 3
Creative poetry 4
Creative poetry 5

September 2017


Quartz class have had a fantastic start to term.  I have been really impressed with everyone's attitudes. determination and work ethic, and I have already seen some super pieces of work.


This week we have been learning more about the Greeks, including reading our new class book, 'The Adventures of Odysseus'.  We will very soon have some photos to share of all the hard work, including pictures of the presentations the children gave to the rest of the class about a Greek god.  

Autumn 2017

Welcome to Year 6 Quartz class!


Everyone has made a fantastic start to year 6 and are showing their desire to learn, their respect of others, and their willingness to 'have a go'.

In the first week of term we have not yet started our full curriculum but have been learning about each other by playing games and interacting with each other.  We have also been working hard on our new topic, the Ancient Greeks: we have looked at where the Greeks fit into history; where they lived; their religion; and their number system.  Over the term we will learn even more and will be writing story, diaries and reports on the Greeks.


As the oldest children in the school, Year 6 are taking their responsibilities as role models very seriously. They have thought about how to (hopefully) earn their Truly Trusted badges in the coming weeks.


A brilliant start to Year 6. Well done everyone!

TT Rock Stars!


Want to work on your times tables?  Don't forget to head to TT rock stars where you can practise any of your tables and compete against your friends.  The link will take you to the website, or you can download the app for your tablet or phone.  


Let's see if you can become a Rock Hero!!