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Autumn 2021

December 2021

Our story to begin this month with has been ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy. The children really enjoyed this story and could retell it brilliantly on their own, then used this as inspiration for their own versions including different ways they kept awake at night. The story has so many sounds in it the children used their brilliant listening skills to play sound bingo and write the things that kept Mr Bear awake at night. In maths the children used clocks to tell the time using o’clock and half past. 

‘Peace at Last’ also led to a lot of discussion about bedtime routines and things we do at home to relax!

November 2021

The children have began this month learning around the ‘Funnybones’ series of books by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. They learnt about different parts of the body, looking closely at x-rays and named the bones. They also retold the story using a story map for support. The children were so amazing at this they began to create their own versions of the story too. In maths the children focused on addition and number facts, they used bones and added them together to find the total as well as practise their speed at recalling number facts, especially number bonds to 10. 

The children have continued with their phonics, gaining confidence at recalling the sound slearnt at speed and blending. They have used this knowledge to label parts of the body. 


After ‘Funnybones’ the children began to learn about the world where we live. They looked carefully at maps and discussed which places were hot or cold, using the equator for help and looking for details in pictures. They were great at locating the UK on an atlas too.

Welcome to the start of our school year!

We are so excited to welcome the children into school this Autumn. The children have been spending time exploring their new classrooms and all the space our outside area has to offer. They have also been looking after the chickens and the fish, as well as frog hunting in the pond. They have begun to get used to all the routines and expectations and get to know their new friends and the adults.

We have started the term with learning based around the 'Supertato' series of books written by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. The children have been superheroes and have practised their super powers, timing each other to see how many things they can do in a minute. They have played team games outside and have loved making dens with the wooden blocks. Super veggies have also been out in force as the children have found out about ways to stay healthy and the people in their lives who can help them with that.

To improve their pencil control the children have been mark making in a lot of different ways, and in different places. They have chalked, drawn and begun to write words. There has been a lot of name practising too. The children have loved being in our new library area, creating and listening to stories, especially using the headphones. 

In maths the children have really focused on making sure their counting is accurate. They have listened to sounds to count, counted objects and matched their counting to numerals. They have even been expertly adding evil peas trapped in jelly!​​​​​​

Please take the time to read our Curriculum Newsletter below which outlines what the children will be learning over the term.