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Summer 2023

Summer Term 2023

The children in Year 6 have been working incredibly hard throughout this term.

Second half term - visits

This half term, the children visited the 'Safety Zone' at St Neots Fire Station and loved learning about how to approach dogs safely; how to stay safe near water; why some products have age restrictions and what they mean; what to do in a house fire and how to phone for help; the importance of wearing a helmet on a bike; how to keep safe online; and how to carry out CPR. These are such valuable skills for life and the children really appreciated the opportunity to learn from experts.


The class also visited Rexroth Bosch which is an engineering firm less than five minutes walk from school.

It was incredibly interesting to see inside a building that we all walk past on Cromwell Road nearly every day. The children learnt about the many job opportunities available there and about the hydraulics projects that the company has been involved in from wind turbines to the London Eye. They took part in some really fun activities to learning about hydraulics and pneumatics using hydraulic fluid to move hydraulic cylinders and motors on a training rig, lifting heavier loads (including themselves) using a pallet truck and scissor lift, as well as testing balloon cars, balloon zip-wires and an air-powered car.



Visit to Rexroth Bosch

Second half term

During this second half term, the children have been very much preparing for their transition to secondary school with visits to Winhills from their future teachers, completion of 'All About Me' booklets and actual visits to experience life in their new schools. Work in class on reading maps, using timetables and thinking about feelings made the visits easier and everyone had fun meeting new friends.

This term, the children have absolutely loved their new History and Geography topic finding out about the Ancient Maya civilisation. They have learnt about the everyday lives of the Maya including their clothes, houses, food, religion and temples. They have used used the works of Frederick Catherwood to inspire their own incredible technical drawings of Chichen Itza as well as designing colourful masks, They have also learnt about the game of Pok-a-tok and tasted typical Maya food including maize, avocados, beans and tomatoes.


First half term

The first half term was focused on revising all the reading skills, maths and SPAG knowledge they have learned in their school career ready to demonstrate their knowledge in the KS2 SATs. Everyone was very proud of how positively they approached SATs week, and how they showed excellent concentration, perseverance and resilience....partly fuelled by Mrs Lee's excellent SATS breakfasts! We are very proud of everyone.

The next few weeks were filled with lots of writing opportunities in different genres including:

- a non-chronological report about an imaginary lizard

 - a formal letter to the prime minister

- an instructional text about how to travel through a maze to reach an imaginary castle

-  narratives retelling stories - with a twist

 -  a newspaper report about an invasion of flying frogs

- a retelling of the school day written in the style of a David Attenborough documentary

The children really enjoyed showing off their skills in a different genre each day!

Completion of our work based on 'Shackleton's Journey' by William Grill