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Early Years

2021 - 2022

Welcome to Early Years at Winhills Primary Academy.

We are thrilled to welcome the children into school and are looking forward to an exciting year ahead. 

We are continuing to use Tapestry to record the children's learning so please do login to see your child's highlights. 















Autumn term 2020

This term our main theme will be 'Castles'. We will enjoy learning lots of castle related songs and stories. Some of the songs the children will learn will be 'The Grand Old Duke of York', 'Old King Cole' and 'Humpty Dumpty'. The children will use these songs as a basis for their learning, beginning to recognise rhyme and patterns, using the songs to perform and create art, as well as a starting point for discussion around emotions and feelings. Some of the stories the children will share will be 'The Knight and the Dragon', 'George and the Dragon' and 'There is NO Dragon in this Story'. These will also create a starting point for children's learning where the children will story map the stories, act them out and reinvent them. They will also begin to write simple words and captions, focusing on initial sounds. As the term progresses the children will learn about different castles and who lived in them using non-fiction texts appropriately. 

As always the children will have access to inside and outside provision where their continuous provision will always be available, including water play, painting, role play, small and large construction and small world. We will also continue to provide many opportunities for children to talk and share on a daily basis, as well as maths, phonics and mark making. 

As the seasons change the children will also look for signs of Autumn, spending time outside to explore the differences they observe using their senses. They will also learn about the Christian Harvest festival celebration and the Hindi Diwali celebration.  

Physical Development

Understanding the World

Expressive Art and Design


















Over the next few weeks we will provide home learning opportunities for you to enjoy. We would love for you all to post the things you get up to onto Tapestry. In addition to this the staff will post daily phonics lessons and stories as well as maths challenges and songs throughout the week.  We know this is a really difficult time and you can reach us on tapestry or via an e-mail to the office or by using the school telephone number. 
Welcome to the Spring Term! This term we focus on our 'homes', our homes, homes far away and the homes of animals. We enjoy the tradition tale of The Three Little Pigs and take a look at homes long ago by learning about castles. We investigate materials and their properties through lots of investigations and 'what if..?' questions. We develop our critical thinking by making, building and evaluating then sharing what we have learnt. We will try our hand at brick laying and explore our local area by taking a walk to observe the types of homes we have around us. The robins and blackbirds will be busy building their nests in the spinney so we will watch them carefully as we are looking for the signs that Spring is coming.
We have loved learning getting to know one another under the topic of Superheroes. We have shared Supertato stories, talked about super veggies learnt about ways to keep ourselves and our friends safe. We have explored our environment; had fun in the spinney bug hunting; been bird watching on the field and collected eggs from the chickens.  Watch the slideshows below for just some of the things we have been up to.

Knowledge and understanding

Movement and handling

We are very excited to welcome all our new parents and children for September 2019. We are beginning the year with an 'Ourselves' topic. We are going to celebrate what we are good at, learn all about how our bodies work, the different senses and celebrations. We are still using Tapestry so please log on to your child's journal and share their successes with them.