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Of all the ways you will help your child at home, reading is probably the most important. Some time alone reading with your child every day can make a huge difference. You can read to them, listen to them read or enjoy sharing a story together. You can read a variety of things together from picture books and chapter books to fact or information books. As you read talk about what you have read. What has happened? What do you think might happen next? Why do you think these things? It can be factual or you can use your imagination!

Show them that reading can be fun but also very useful! Most importantly enjoy reading together and if it gets a bit frustrating and you've given it a good try put a bookmark in and return another time. 

We hope you will find the websites and booklets below useful, but please ask your child's teacher if you need any more help.

As your child starts to read they will learn phonics, saying the sounds correctly really helps your child hear and say the sound the sound correctly. Check your phonics sounds using the video below. 

Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds (British English)