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Spring Term 2023

It's the Spring term. We look forward to welcoming more new friends and are excited to continue the journey with everyone! 

Don't forget to look out for your upcoming milestones...fore-warned is fore-armed as they say!

This term we have been exploring homes and houses. We started with the three little pigs then looked at our own town; we have learnt about homes all around the world; we have travelled back in time to explore life in a medieval castle and finally discovered animal homes. The Chinese New Year celebrations gave us the perfect opportunity to think about how unique we all are. Lots of us have families that live in different countries and we have enjoyed talking about them. Pancake day gave us the opportunity to share the traditions our families have and we talked about new beginnings and beliefs before Easter. We have done all of this with a touch of Superhero flare…of course…we are yet to find a learning opportunity that could not be improved by a superhero cape or mask!