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Summer 2021


This term, we have been looking at Quentin Blake’s ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’. We have explored the events in the story, discussed the characters and made predictions about what we think will happen in the story. They also looked at how Quentin Blake used lots of repetitive phrases in his writing and used these to plan and write our very own ‘Mrs Armitage Queen of the Sea’ stories. We have also been improving our handwriting and ensuring that our letters are of a consistent size in relation to one another. In particular, we have focused on the positioning of ascenders and descenders. In SPaG, they have gained a deeper understanding of nouns and adjectives and how to use these in their writing.



In Maths, the children have been focusing on their position and direction knowledge. In Year 1, the children have explored giving and receiving directions using mathematical vocabulary such as: clockwise, anti-clockwise, left, right, quarter turn, half turn and whole turn. 

In Year 2, the children have been learning and refining their addition and subtraction skills. We have looked at new methods such as using tens frames, number lines and beginning to use column methods. The children are applying these skills to solve a range of number and word problems.



Our topic this half term is ‘Materials’. We have started off by looking at what different types of materials there are. The children have been learning the different properties and identifying them. They have then used this knowledge to help them carry out a number of investigations based on finding the best material for a use.



The children have begun learning about the Seaside with brilliant enthusiasm. Already this term, they have learnt to identify differences between a seaside of the past and of current day. The children have used their geographical knowledge to begin to identify the man made and physical features of the local environment compared to that of a Seasides.