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Spring 2022

March 2022

The children began this month with their learning based around dinosaurs before moving onto find out about different habitats and which animals live where and why. 

The children excavated dinosaur bones with care and found out about the life of Mary Anning, they created their own zig-zag books to show their friends what they had discovered too. 

As the children learnt about habitats they loved discovering and sharing a new fact and wrote clues using these for their friends to guess what animal or habitat they were writing about. They learnt about different areas of the world and what adaptations the animals had made to live there. 

In maths the children have been learning about multiplication and division. They begun with doubling and halving, then used this to group and share. They then used their knowledge to solve word problems.  

February 2022

This month the children have learnt about the celebration of Chinese New Year. They have learnt about the traditions of the celebration and what people do to celebrate. They have compared this celebration to celebrations they have had at home, such as birthdays or Christmas. 

The children made their own dragon and re-created the dragon dance, complete with musical instruments for the full effect - it was fantastic! 

To find out more the children watched videos and looked at books - they were great at discussing what they could see and asking questions to find out more. 

They created and sent their own Chinese New Year cards too. 

January 2022

Welcome back after a well deserved break over Christmas!

We begin the new term with our theme of houses, with our learning based around the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. The children will learn the story and act it out using storyboards for help if needed, they will then use their brilliant inventive ideas to create their own versions of the story by changing the animals and the materials of the houses. 

The children will investigate the different types of materials and their properties, testing their strength and waterproof qualities to find out what will be good to build a house with. Straw was definitely not a good idea - the children also found out that paper would not be good either!

In maths the children will begin by focusing on the number 3 before moving on to continue their learning with addition and subtraction. 

Outside the children will embrace the cold weather - hoping for snow - as they explore the seasonal changes and find out about winter.